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  1. Thanks. This helps a bunch!!!!!
  2. We will be there during the week on a Tuesday. Sorry to be so difficult..... we are heading over from New Jersey Penn Station to see the World Trade Center. After seeing that we wanted to head up to Pier 83. Does that help?
  3. Just a quick question for the NY experts. We are spending part of a day at World Trade Center then want to head to Pier 83 to take an afternoon cruise tour. What would the safest and easiest way to get to and from the Path station at WTC to the Pier? Hoping to avoid expensive Taxis or Ubers. Thanks!!!!
  4. Thanks for all your hard work. We are coming in a couple days early in September.We are staying in Newark at the HIlton Next to Penn Station. This has been helpful planning our couple of days in New York.
  5. Thanks a bunch. I booked my dining and will adjust if need be when the shows come out. I am glad I booked dining now. The times I really wanted were already gone. Yikes, we are so far ahead I was surprised.
  6. We are on the September 12th 9 night sailing of the Anthem of the Seas. Trying to make reservations for MTD and don't know what night the We Will Rock You show will be. Cannot book those yet and don't want to book dinner during the show. Does anyone know what night that show will be or normally what the show times are for the other things we need to see. My husband likes to have a set dinner time and we missed the regular seating for this cruise.
  7. Dbarn. I have a similar issue. For years now i have traveled with a rolled up memory foam pad.. I took a twin 4" pad and cut it down smaller since I really only need it under my torso. We roll it up tight and put a strap around it and it goes in my suitcase. It really is not as big as you think if you roll it tightly. Only takes up a small part of the suitcase. This has saved me so many times. Even hotel rooms etc. I always take my pad. I had cruised for years trying to get mattress pads or extra comforters and nothing really worked. Now... I don't worry anymore. You need your sleep especially on vacation. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. Several people have mentioned the Deluxe drink package includes Milkshakes. Where do you get Milkshakes on Anthem of the Seas? I know Johnny Rockets have shakes that they charge you for. Would the deluxe drink package include those.
  9. Lots of great ideas. We are not cruising till September and it doesn't even show a deck number on our booking. I will keep watch.
  10. Ok.. so I booked a Balcony Guarantee Cabin and am worried that I will end up with a obstructed view looking at nothing but a lifeboat. I was trying to save money so we could afford to do excursions, but now I am worried about my choice. Have you booked a Guarantee balcony? What room did you get. Not that it matters but I have cruised with Royal Caribbean several times. I am also going to pay the cruise off now even though its not due for several months. Thanks fellow cruisers.
  11. Thanks... I totally missed the sentence about uber....
  12. Mailmamma... can you answer a couple questions since you were just there. Is there free shuttle from the Newark Airport to the hotel? Which cruise port did you go out of and how much did it cost you to get there the morning of the cruise. Really appreciate your comments. I am looking to book this hotel and am glad to hear how easy it was to get into NYC
  13. Help. I purchased two $500 gift cards from AARP to pay off a cruise. However when I go online it says something about a pin number. I did not receive a number. There is a very long number on the back of each card but where is the pin?
  14. Just a word of warning. We have traveled with CPAP on quite a few cruises.We have Always arranged ahead of time for an extension cord. On our last Carnival cruise there was no extension cord to be found. Even though we arranged for it in advance, and asked our room steward as soon as we could find him the first day, it took us all evening the first night and a lot of arguing with staff to finally find one in someones office that had their printer hooked up. (poor officer that had to miss his printer all week) We had to promise to have it back by 6 am on the last day of the cruise because the officer needed to print stuff. REALLY. So we will always bring our own from home from now on.
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