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  1. Thanks. This helps a bunch!!!!!
  2. We will be there during the week on a Tuesday. Sorry to be so difficult..... we are heading over from New Jersey Penn Station to see the World Trade Center. After seeing that we wanted to head up to Pier 83. Does that help?
  3. Just a quick question for the NY experts. We are spending part of a day at World Trade Center then want to head to Pier 83 to take an afternoon cruise tour. What would the safest and easiest way to get to and from the Path station at WTC to the Pier? Hoping to avoid expensive Taxis or Ubers. Thanks!!!!
  4. Thanks for all your hard work. We are coming in a couple days early in September.We are staying in Newark at the HIlton Next to Penn Station. This has been helpful planning our couple of days in New York.
  5. Ok.. so I booked a Balcony Guarantee Cabin and am worried that I will end up with a obstructed view looking at nothing but a lifeboat. I was trying to save money so we could afford to do excursions, but now I am worried about my choice. Have you booked a Guarantee balcony? What room did you get. Not that it matters but I have cruised with Royal Caribbean several times. I am also going to pay the cruise off now even though its not due for several months. Thanks fellow cruisers.
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