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  1. pelletib

    Complimentary Princess bag in room?

    Thank you!
  2. pelletib

    Complimentary Princess bag in room?

    I am cruising with a friend and co worker. Will we each get a bag? Do you know if we can request 2 copies of the Princess patter?
  3. pelletib

    Drinks in the Casiono--Free?

    If the drinks were free in the casino, that place would be packed like a sardine can! :D
  4. Cancel them...just in case
  5. pelletib

    ? about luggage tags

    I get creative on the computer and make luggage tags for each vacation we take. They get laminated and I use a hole punch and attach with a zip tie. If our son is not staying at our house while we are gone, I use a business address, cell phone number and email address as my personal info on one side and the ship's name and cabin number on the opposite side in bold red print. I also reinforce the luggage tags from the cruise line with tape. I have made padded grips from bright red felt that velcro in place around the handles. I made our friends a set from flourescent green felt. They love them. Not only are they easy on the hands, but very visible in the "sea" of luggage.
  6. pelletib

    Jennie Baxter CD

    Todd went to the Conquest....Of my 3 cruises, he is the best CD.Our CD we had on out first Carnival cruise was terrible. So perky, she made my jaw hurt just watching her grin. On RCCL, he was personable, but too far "over the top". Came across as kinda phony, but he sure could sing!! Todd enjoys all passengers whether or not they particpate in the games, etc. I talked with him a few minutes the last day at sea and gave him and the crew a compliment that brought tears to his eyes. I told him that I have been in retail for over 25 years and we are taught the "10 foot rule". Meet people with your head up, smile and greet them. I told him that no matter what a crew member's position was aboard the Spirit, they all did just that. They ALL made you feel welcome, even the maintenence guys. I asked him to please pass it on to the Captain. He told me that he would take "the 10 foot rule" and tell the Captain and make sure that he would let his next ship's CD staff about it. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that it was one of the highest compliments he'd ever been give.
  7. Hi Mark...Nice review. Great format. It was great to meet you too. I just learned how to put all my pics and other things onto a CD slideshow. Now I can take the laptop in and bore Bob with my pictures. :D I'm sure he'll be thrilled...;) January seems like it was ages ago, not just a few months past. I agree with the itinerary. It leaves too much to be desired with Manzanillo as a stop. My SIL is going in August on I think the Paradise with the Mexican Riviera itinerary. Because it is a much faster ship than the Elation, they get significantly more time in Cabo San Lucas. There is also a large number of tours that I found very attractive when I guided her thru the shore excusions portion of Carnival's website. It's nice to see them offered online like RCCL's are. Carnival should send out questionnaires to past cruisers and CC memebers to get their feedback about the ship, crew and itineraries.
  8. pelletib

    How many bags do you take on a cruise?

    My DH jokes that he only has two bags...one for clothes and the one (me) that carries it. At the grocery store if the clerk asks if he wants his bags carried to the car, he jokes that he can handle the groceries and they can carry me. They think he's hilarious ! I just smile and ask him to move it along so the next customer's purchases don't thaw out.
  9. pelletib

    Ridiculous Pride Question

    You'll be on your honeymoon...you'll be so "high on love" that you won't even be aware of the height/water! :D We had an ocean view on our first cruise..hated it! No fresh air. Balconies are the only way to go. You'll enjoy sitting out their with your bride enjoying coffee in the AM and a drink before dinner. Congratulations on your impending wedding. P.S. Love Virginia! Lived in Fall's Church as a child and have timeshare in Williamsburg!
  10. pelletib

    On my next cruise, I will...

    Most definitely ..Bring a DVD/CD player. ..Get more family & friends to join us ..Bring my OWN pillow ;) ..Do a little more research on each port so we can plan our day better ..Maybe renew our wedding vows Z'Loth... BTW...The HALO came off this last Wednesday. The trach gets closed next week. Now if his left leg would start holding weight and he begins to walk soon..I could start looking for a "celebration cruise". Even just a 3-4 dayer would be great!
  11. pelletib

    My PVP has some comments on insurance...

    I was taking my Mom on a cruise this last January and I always buy insurance. I booked the cruise in June and my husband broke his neck in 3 places in November. Many times whether or not to cancel came up right up until the week before the cruise. His doctors encouraged me not to cancel, but go. Phone calls and email would keep me in touch and if needed, I could have always flown home from a port. Knowing that I had the option to cancel for a full refund made things easier. Before he had the 1st of 4 surgeries, he made me promise not to cancel, no matter what. He was kept in a medically induced coma for 18 days during which 3 of the surgeries were done. When they brought him back to the world. so to speak, he required a 4th procedure. This was 3 weeks before the cruise. When he came out of that one and was more or less cognizant, the first thing he asked me was if I had cancelled the cruise or had already went and came back. I told him that after a long and big debate with myself, I was cancelling. He got mad and told me to go because he sure wasn't going any place real soon. He is currently in a rehabilitation center, learning how to walk again. We had a passenger that had an attack of Diverticulitis and had to be taken off the ship in Cabo. We were about 2 hours past and the captain turned the ship around. Her sister is a CC member and she told us that they had not bought the insurance so all of her husband's expenses to stay with her came out of pocket. She was medivaced back to the US 5 days later. Fortunately her healthcare covered most of her expenses. BTW, the hospital in Cabo is a 4 bed quonset hut next to a disco!! We had all taken Amtrak to San Diego from various points around LA and when we got back, the tracks were washed out. Our CC member had to charter a van to get their party of 10 back to LA. Her travel insurance paid for it. My son came down to get my Mom and I. I called TravelGuard and they said to send the gas receipt and they would reimburse based on my roundtrip mileage. Within 10 days, I had a check for $37. Insurance...you bet because you just never know...(My mom lives in AZ and her insurance did not cover her out of the country and at 83, it gave her piece of mind knowing she was covered too.)
  12. pelletib

    security question

    If that baby sets off the metal detectors, I'd be turning around and heading right back to my jeweler's store and demanding my money back. I always carry my jewelry on with my toiletries. Just make sure you do your own unpacking.
  13. pelletib


    Ask your OB-GYN about powdered ginger capsules...
  14. Can't think of anything that I bought in Alaska in a "recommended" store. I picked smaller stores and got some really great prices on a couple jewelry pieces. I was dealing directly with the owners and was able to come to price that pleased both parties. One shop in Ketchikan was owned by a little oriental lady that was moving back to San Francisco after 30 years to be with her family. I was admiring the pearls and natural mineral pieces.She began to ask me questions and said that she had something in her office I may like. She and I spent over an hour going thru her safe in the back looking at each piece while enjoying a cup of tea. I ended up with a gold quartz and diamond pendant and a fire agate pendant set in gold and rhodium for pretty close to her cost. She had some lovely pieces that she just hadn't put out yet. My friend that was with me found out in the showcase some jade earrings, pendant and ring that she liked. She was able to purchase them at 10% over cost. Heck of a bargain. When we were getting ready to leave the shop, the owner called me back into her office and handed me a little silk bag and told me not to look at it until I got back aboard. She had my friend promise that I would not look. When we got back to our cabins, I opened the bag and out came a jade bracelet for my friend and an incredibly lovely 3 strand pearl necklace. A little note said that she had owned the pearls for many years and hoped that I would wear them in good health and with warm memories of Alaska. My jaw was hanging down to my knees. I sent her a lovely thank you card when I got home. She sent me a postcard and said that her shop was closing in 2 weeks and she had already shipped her personal things home. She thanked me for taking my time with a little old lady and for giving her pearls a good home.
  15. gosh Tef43...do you ever have a positive comment? Your avatar is very telling of your personality...please lighten up. I've done searches and have came up with nothing and lo and behold, one pops to the top a few days later because the heading is done in the form of a leading question.