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  1. We were on the delayed cruise and also had confusion over when we would dock. But NCL was wonderful opening a conference room and providing internet and phones for people to change flights, etc. the captain kept us aware of the changes. It was the harbor master who made the decision we couldn’t dock, not NCL. We felt very sorry for all of you waiting to board and know we got the better end of that problem.
  2. Food is definitely subjective. We ate in Cagney's 3 times and every meal was delicious. Prime rib and filet mignon was outstanding. We were very disappointed in LaCucina. Menu has changed and the items we ordered were so-so. Best thing there was the tiramsu dessert. LeBistro was good and for some reason Moderno did not do it for us this time. We ate at Grand Pacific once and the other main dining room 3 times. Good service and food was certainly edible. I really don't expect gourmet food on a ship serving 2000+ dinners each night. Loved the Great Outdoors. Had the drink package and never had a difficult time getting drinks. Even though we are 5 hours from NYC it is still easier to sail from there unless we have gone to Florida for vacation. Thought the crew handled the extra night very well. We'll be back!!
  3. We went on the Epic in the Haven in February. Loved the Haven, hated the Epic. Way too big for us two seniors and I didn't like having to have reservations for everything. The Haven however saved us. Nice area, great pool area, sun area, dining room and bars/lounges. It was a splurge for us, we have stayed in suites on the Gem size ships never been in a haven before. Only way I would go on the Epic is in the haven.
  4. Just got off the 4/21 sailing and there were painting classes in the card room at least 3 of the days we sailed. I didn't participate, but noticed them in there.
  5. Taking 2 grandsons, ages 13 & 16, on a cruise that goes to Nassau. Does anyone have experience with the dolphin swims at Balmoral vs Blue Lagoon. In reading reviews and descriptions they sound pretty close but don't want to pay all that and wish I'd done the other. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.:)
  6. Thank you so much. I've been searching the NCL site but didn't go far enough I guess. :):)
  7. I know I've read in these boards about the paperwork needed when you are taking children (not your own) on a cruise, but when I used the search nothing came up. We are taking our 2 teenage grandsons on a cruise for spring break. What do I need to have with us for NCL and any port we may get off at?? Is a notarized statement from the parents sufficient or is there something special we need. Thank you to anyone who can offer help.:)
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