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  1. Does anyone know if on the Epic Southern Carribean you can you swim with the pigs? I'm trying to Find a place not the Bahamas. Thank you
  2. Hi, I am new to NCL I got the Alcohol Package Perk but It says no Tea ,Soda and Water are included. What free Non Alcoholic drinks are served with Lunch? Royal and Carnival Have Iced Tea and Lemonade. Do I have to Buy Water and Iced Tea? Thank you
  3. Hi, I booked my 1 st Norwegian Epic cruise, Ive cruised before but on Carnival and Royal Caribbean . I am very excited to do the Southern Cruise from Puerto Rico. Has anyone done this recently and anything you can tell me about this ship would be helpful. I am having a hard time with flights from Charlotte NC to SJU . Will the prices drop or should I book now. I cant find anything under 638. per person is this normal? I need help please Thank u Sarah
  4. Do they have a Social Media package for 7 day Criuse ? How much ?, and also Do they have a special where u Can use your cellphone to meet up with your party on the cruise like cell to cell? Thank u
  5. Hi I was wondering ,if I apply for a norwegian credit card while on board how much will my credit be through cruise company on board credit. It says Norwegian will give u an on board credit for applying and getting there card. Does anyone know how much? Thanks
  6. I'm trying to book plane tickets from Charlotte NC march 2020 to SJU anyone have any good ideas and good prices? Certain Times to get cheap flights. Also shuttle info to get 8 people to our Airbnb with prices? Any help would be appreciated We're going on Norwegian for the 1st time. Please and Thank u Sarah
  7. Hi Im new to NCL what is the Flights? I got the drink package with my deal and Im not sure of alot of things. Can you order shots or more then 1 drink at a time? do you have to wait 15 minutes in between drinks? Thank u
  8. What is free to Drink with dinner in the dining rooms? Do they bring it or Do we have to bring it in ourselves? I got the Alcohol Package but I read water and Tea isnt free Can someone please clarify?
  9. Does anyone know where I can rent a Pavilion in Southern Caribbean St.Maartin, St.Thomas,St.Lucia for the day with food and drinks included for a Party? Any info would be great. Thank u
  10. We are going on the Sensation next week and were wondering if they have a Mongolian Grill? I love that place. I know it went through Dry dock 2017. Anyone been her her recently
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