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  1. Often wondered what the thought process was on cruise ships that deal with an older clientele yet don't offer the raised seating options at various venues and in the cabins instead of making us struggle to get in and out of the chairs? My make believe hips talk to me after one of those adventures. Skip
  2. The large group of Yoga cruiser's that booked the Equinox based on this link is not our cruise but the one after ours on June 8th. 😁 Skip
  3. We just got off the Allure last month and we had $900 in OBC. We went to the casino every night and played Blackjack each night with a 5% vig added to our $100 each cash out. Very easy to use and we ended up playing 5 nights and taking another $150 in winnings plus our $900 home with us...….. Skip
  4. Being that this will be our first Celebrity/Equinox cruise I'm anxious to see pictures of Lumanie restaurant. Thanks for all your efforts on this review.
  5. Thank you for your very informative video's of the ship. This will be our first cruise with Celebrity and the Equinox was recommended as a great ship to enjoy. June 1st is our sail date after all the upgrades. Skip
  6. We'll also be joining you on this cruise. This will be our 1st Celebrity cruise and we chose an aft Sky Suite. Got a couple of cruises before this one but very hopeful that Celebrity will be a nice treat for us. Skip
  7. We also got a nice drop on our June 1st Equinox cruise to the tune of $520 for our Sky Suite plus $100 OBC thanks to our Travel Agent. Skip
  8. Because of hip replacement surgeries I need to request extra mattress covers on our bedding. RCCL has a special needs link that I make the request to. Does anyone know the link I would use for this request with Celebrity? Thanks Skip
  9. Thanks for the info. Very interesting concept. Skip
  10. I too would be interested in the "move up" option as I'm new to Celebrity and this is the first I've heard of such option. Thanks Skip
  11. Yes, we are in a Sky Suite but we chose to not take the perks as we are very limited drinkers, and get 90 minutes free internet so we ended up saving $1000 by eliminating the perk package. Skip
  12. Thanks guys for your comments and suggestions. It's a long way off but still it's exciting to plan a new adventure on a new ship in a suite. Skip
  13. We are newbies on Celebrity as we've been RCCL cruiser's for most of our cruising lives together staying in various cabins from OS, GS, JrS and balcony. We booked an S2 Sky Suite aft #1665 on The Equinox for June 1, 2019. We know nothing about the ins and outs of a Celebrity cruise especially regarding the suite life and all the good stuff we're hoping for. Any and all info that you experienced cruiser's can provide will be greatly appreciated such as embarkation, disembarkation, restaurants, this particular suite, shows, sauna's, pools, solarium. Thanks in advance for any and all info. Skip
  14. We've been regular RCCL cruiser's and have decided to expand our choices to a Celebrity cruise. We know nothing about Celebrity other than dribs and drabs of comments read or heard. We are on the Equinox sailing June 1st 2019 in an S2 cabin #1665 Sky Suite. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated to help us Newbies get the most enjoyment out of our cruise. TIA Skip
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