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  1. It’s offered, but you may need to ask for a head waiter or supervisor if the server seems unsure.
  2. perfect sunset while the crew went on alert (all is well)
  3. The pirates (scientists from the Arctowski base) coming aboard and collecting their loot(fresh produce and pizza)
  4. A ton. But honestly, overall the whale sightings were better on our two Alaskan Cruises. We saw mostly tails today
  5. was taken with a 400mm in the aft. They were swimming pretty close to the ship. Especially towards the front in the ships wake.
  6. It was shot with a Canon T7i. I’m also shooting with an Canon EOS R
  7. The Neumayer Channel was amazing! I took waaayy too many photos, which will extend this vacation while I process them at home. We're now headed to Charlotte Bay.
  8. Today Eclipse cancelled their call to Punta Arenas for the 10th
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