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  1. Considering this is the level of journalism we should expect from Australian media, I was actually looking forward to a comedy show tonight…
  2. A Current Affair is the Karen of “news” … apologies to any Karen’s
  3. Just to further highlight the hypocrisy of the media demonising the cruise industry … ”In a move that will be welcomed by millions of travellers entering Australia, Qantas has announced it will no longer require a vaccine mandate for passengers entering the country. From July 19, the Australian airline will scrap the requirement for all international passengers to be vaccinated against Covid-19.” https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/flights/qantas-removes-vaccination-mandate-for-passengers-on-international-flights/news-story/7d7e474bab0c728e871410c2063e3b35 would love to see the media look at the numbers of positive cases from those flights….
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