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  1. We were on MSC first time April/May. 4 itineraries; 3 ships all in Europe departed by from Three different ports in three countries. I held on the phone for special services for a lengthy wait to request distilled water and an extension chord only to be told there was a special request form and my travel agent should complete and submit it for me! We all know the response when it came was “do it yourself”. We too have made a similar request of 4 cruise lines in many parts of the world over several years and a dozen prior cruises. We managed to drag a 5 litre jug aboard in Barcelona. All other lines have provided a gallon jug each time; more if not sufficient for a longer itinerary. We were begrudgingly given a one litre bottle by MSC for our 40 nights with them. Needless to say we were not successful at securing sufficient supplies in all of the 10 countries we visited where appropriate pharmacies were not always accessible and language barriers did not always preclude our understanding. Some told us to go to hospital!:) Many here have voiced the same experience for U.S. cruises so guess we won’t bother asking in advance for supplies on the Meraviglia. Thanks for sharing folks and happy travels.
  2. Me 3! Probably too much to have hoped for that Volendam would have AC working appropriately for Amazon!:)
  3. Aye Sargasso! There are about 9 pages of comments so far on the Nov 20/19 sailing! Bring the rum!:)
  4. Will be interested to hear your comparisons. We are the reverse. First time in Europe this past spring and first time with MSC Caribe will be November. Have heard it should be better but will have to wait to compare.
  5. That’s what I am afraid of. We head out on the Volendam for Amazon Explorer fur my husbands birthday/bucket list. 30 days super expensive and if minimal entertainment and no professional lectures a great disappointment!
  6. Sounds great. Also good way to sample ship/cruise if you are not familiar:)
  7. Was looking forward to presentations while on our HAL Amazon Explorer on Volendam after greatly enjoying the Naturalist’s talks in the NZ sounds on Celebrity Solstice. Beginning to wonder now. Will be very disappointing if the only tali’s are from staff trying to sell tours.
  8. Also Victoria Southern Ontario and Quebec and mist of the Maritimes. But of a misnomer!:)
  9. Thank you Copper and Happy 4th to our neighbours south of the 49th!
  10. We are also on Nov 10. Only experience with MSC was Europe. Food the greatest disappointment. Hoping for better this time.
  11. Me too. Countless calls, emails, messages. same for our TA. When you do make contact it takes them days or weeks to look into things and sometimes never get back to you. Going on 6 mo now pre, post and during first cruises with them. Did receive could of upgrades which were much appreciated sited but don’t know if this was why or totally unrelated. Voyager Club points/status accrual a mess. Also. So far only one staff member has been helpful with that but still not completely fixed
  12. They see you are on the website surfing around looking at options so respond?
  13. Sorry thought u were flying Vancouver return Have not used cruise air with any co so far. Do ok on my own usually with sales and points. Rarely do US carriers Did do Delta to Singapore couple years ago for cruise tho and it was not bad:)
  14. Thanks Dulciana and Crew News. We have been on several different lines since last November and several itineraries/countries They have all been different but this sounds more "normal" or what we were used to:)
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