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  1. Congrats! If we use you as an example we may see something in another three weeks!:)
  2. How long have you been waiting? Now into our 5th month awaiting credit from two May cruises; Europe and Baltic. Travel agent had the process escalated several weeks ago but still no word.
  3. Don't know the answer and interested to know also. There is very little for the Philippines which I was hoping to include on a future SE Asia cruise. Have been to Thailand many times if you have any questions.
  4. Been following and note some have had some success. We have been waiting since April 14 for refunds of Poesia Baltic and Preziosa Western Europe. TA escalated a few weeks ago after we hit 90 days. Stay safe everyone!
  5. Some lines have shifted the final payment closer to the sailing date and think cruisers appreciate that. At least it allows more time to keep funds in your own account while you watch news unfold at your destination and at home and see if the cruise line may cancel within the shorter window. That is a little more palatable for most. There is talk of regulating refunds and cancellations which may create some uniformity and less confusion. Best of luck:)
  6. You have a sense of tourism in Australia? We have 3 cruises out of Sydney Nov and Dec. RCCL and Celebrity. We also had 2 short b2b with Cunard Sydney to Adelaide and back to Melbourne. Cunard cancelled all sailings until Nov 25 out of Melbourne half way through our first of the b2b and have left the other as still sailing. NCL cancelled ages ago Honolulu to Papeete and Papeete to Sydney. Disappointing; but not unexpected and at least we knew well in advance. If you have to quarantine in the country of your cruise departure, on arrival or have to quarantine in the city you first arrive, prior to connecting to the city of your departure, it will add a lot of time and cost to the vacation. Great that you may cancel some cruises 48 hours before departure but that doesn't help when you are half-way round the world and already enroute, or worse, part way through a longer itinerary. With stories of quarantine, isolation, bubbles, etc. and countries naturally wanting to protect their citizens, some may not receive I all nationalities for some time. I don't have an issue with this and things are constantly changing, making it difficult for authorities to plan. It seems that it would take many weeks to re-crew and retrain ships ' personnel once Covid sailing protocol is determined, so why continue to offer to book sailings in the short term, except to collect funds to repay those of us who have already been cancelled for months and still awaiting our refunds and credits?
  7. We have nothing to lift and shift to either. We are on Solstice first week of December from Sydney, Australia,for South Pacific but Canadians have travel advisory for non-essential travel anywhere and are not to cruise until "further notice". Australian tourism has been rumoured to be locked down for nationals only for quite some time and depending how things go a possible bubble with New Zealand or other close Pacific Island nations. At the moment residents of some Australian states are banned from travel to each other. Potentially if we were allowed to fly into Australia (which we are not at the moment) a connecting flight to another city in another state must be within an 8 hour layover or the traveller must stay in state sponsored isolation between 8 and 72 hours before the return to the airport to board the connecting flight. My understanding is also a 14 day quarantine upon arrival. So if you were flying into Sydney to pick up a cruise out of Melbourne or Brisbane, Perth or other ports or any mix of these the additional time and costs could be prohibitive. Then there is the rumour that Australian cruising will not commence for some time and speculation that early days will not allow foreign nationals so that lets many of us out. Cruise and TA staff say "well they don't know; it could start up again" We all hope so but how much time is required to get the ships upgraded, the staff back from all over the world, retrained and compliant with multiple governments' health and safety rules and a confident cruising public. Offering to allow us to cancel up to 48 hours pre-sale is great if you live up the street but not have way round the world. You would think the cruise lines could come up with a policy for cancel/refund or lift and shift for foreign nationals; ie North Americans and Europeans departing from Australia, New Zealand or Asia; Australians, Kiwis and Europeans departing from North American ports, etc. Many cannot get insurance and most cannot even get to the port to cruise, never mind those who are waiting for safety protocols to determine when or where they will be comfortably able to travel. It appears once cruising starts most will be more domestic clientele to try to keep the industry viable and until international cruisers are convinced travelling long distances for long haul cruises can be safer. Beginning to have more respect for those lines who cancelled early and further out. In the meantime, continuing to make final payments for cruises we know will not sale have to end sometime especially while we are still awaiting refunds from the spring!
  8. We have only learned about cancellations from this board. We have received no notice of cancellation. We are on B2B Nov 23/27 total of 8 nights Sydney to Melbourne.
  9. Glad to hear you are both well. Our lock down is similar to yours and we are doing our best. Dan was going to visit us late March while taking the train across Canada and Amtrak home in April but, of course, everything was cancelled. His European and British isles cruise tours also. So we all wait....Cam says hi!
  10. Thanks Tim. I have been following along. Hope you and Angela are well. We are hanging in here in Vancouver and had to cancel our Europe and Baltic sailings and will see how things go before we know if Oct-Dec will work out for Hawail, South Pacific and Australia.
  11. We did it last spring; first leg Genoa to Hamburg and Hamburg RT around the UK. We could not book the same cabin for both cruises (booked at different times) but the first was upgraded!:) We had to be packed up by breakfast but luggage stayed in the first cabin until the second was ready. Crew would move for us so we were free to go about our day. There were a few hours mid am til early aft when we did not have access and our key card had to be changed. If you are in the same cabin they may only have to update your key card. May depend on your ports but we had no issues. Hard to say what conditions will be like in November. Something to look forward to!
  12. Loud, maybe, as it all over US site now. Clear, hardly, as we have been discussing the word "all" on other threads. The current terminology uses the words "some" and "select" which leaves many of us waiting for further word as the situation plays out. Cruiser gal above and others have kindly outlined the impacted sailings to date above.
  13. After checking multiple sites and boards (don’t know the one you refer to Sid which you cannot name) but as of this am MSC USA (where my res is located but not me) the list of cancellations did not show “all” but did show the cruises/ships cancelled to end of April. Getting through anywhere on the phone is a joke Won’t tie up the phone for someone who needs to deal with March or early April changes, Thanks for those who spent the time to respond but still depending where we are we still don’t get the same info. Would be smart for MSC to communicate same to all. Guess we are going to have to sit tight a bit longer for May 1st verdict!😎:(
  14. Thank you. We are in Canada but the TA is US based so that appears to be the governing body for our agreement and the comments of some posters indicating “all” MSC cruises cancelled is particularly confusing. Yes, some areas are closed/“locked down”, etc and it seems most of us will have to continue to check daily as circumstances change. Too many moving parts with varying itineraries, dates, ports and legislations and naturally those with most imminent travel should be dealt with first. The policy so far with MSC seems to be if your cruise is not mentioned it is still on until you are told it is not; hopefully with reasonable notice! Thank you to all those who share their research and experience.Good luck all and stay healthy. That is what will be of greatest benefit to us all.
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