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  1. From the title of the thread, I was expecting to see a non-widescreen video of a cabin.
  2. I recently upgraded to a Haven suite. Woohoo! But the first thing that comes to mind is "what do I even do with a butler?" I'm just not that fancy. I've never had a butler and I have no concept of them. I've seen Batman, and Alfred is a badass, but I doubt that training to become a superhero is the best way to utilize a butler on NCL. So.... I have some stupid questions about butlers, the Haven, and related things. 1. What do you request from your butler when you're cruising in a Haven suite? I'm trying to get a feel for ideas. 2. I've read in a couple random places tha
  3. Our last cruise was with Royal Caribbean on Oasis of the Seas. We were given a time to show up and board, printed on our passes, and it was relatively late in the day. When we were in the general process of boarding, all of the employees told us we could have gotten there much earlier, despite what our passes said, and they recommended we do so in the future. Now we’re going with NCL on The Breakaway out of Miami in April, 2019. We’d like to get on the ship as early as possible for a multitude of reasons. In the combined experience of Cruise Critic, how early can that be?
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