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  1. My TA located in Miami Florida when he responded to my "SOS" email on Saturday early evening. When he spoke to HAL, they verified the email to which the notice had been sent and it was an old defunct email for him at their company. My personal experience with HAL email has also been bad. I changed my personal email address over 4 years ago and despite multiple attempts to change my email through my online HAL account, through the Mariner direct telephone line and through our TA, emails have continued to be sent to my old address. Interestingly, my room downgrade reassignment (the only noti
  2. If someone could be so kind as to let me know what those 4 choices are, OR to provide a link to the "other thread", I would appreciate it. It will be helpful when I speak to my TA tomorrow. My TA says he is holding something for me - with more details to come. I want to make one thing perfectly clear - my issue with HAL is NOT that they have had a technical problem and had to cancel the cruise. Stuff happens and that is why, as a company, there should be alternate plans for communication and remediation in place. HAL seems to be hit or miss in both departments. We have the te
  3. Thank you all. My TA is now working on it as I dragged him away from his Saturday night dinner.
  4. To date, I have received no information whatsoever. My travel agent just called and they had sent the info to him on an incorrect address - he is now working on it.
  5. I do not normally rant about something in print, but this time I am just plain mad! We just received notice that we have been rebooked on the Zuiderdam on Feb 1 with a 7 CATEGORY DOWNGRADE from our Neptune Suite to a lower level promenade deck 5 balcony cabin. We received no communications from our travel agent, and nothing other than a notice of our new cabin number from Holland and an email with our new confirmation number. They did not even identify the new ship nor the reason for this change. I was able to contact my travel agent a few minutes ago and he did not receive notice either.
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