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  1. What shows are currently on the Adventure? Anything new? Also, is Fernanda still part of the Activities crew? We loved her....
  2. We loved some of the appetizer choices and the seafood dishes especially Lobster. I would say my very favorite was the 'Horseradish Crusted Salmon' on Night 1....and for my husband, the favorite was probably either his 'Duck' or his 'Steaks'. Also, we kinda liked Sorrento's Pizza for a snack from time to time on the ship! They had great hours and were very accommodating with toppings, etc that you might want...!! The Anthem is great! You'll have a blast!!
  3. Hi There! I did not see it! A server was telling us about it and showed us pictures. She said she was standing on the back deck of the Windjammer at Sail Away and just leaving the harbor. She said others have seen this on various sail away days. The whales seem to like to follow the wake of the ship. I would have loved to have seen one, but did not. The 1st night there is an "Intro to Two70" that is well worth it!! It tells you all about the things that this magical room can do. There is a small cafe in there and a bar as well as some awesome technology that we have never seen on other ships. It was my husband's favorite location on The Anthem!
  4. Are you currently on The Anthem!? Do me a favor....if you're in and around The Solarium Pool area, there is a great young man named 'PeeJay' that is part of the housekeeping team in there. Stop and ask him about the diving show that he is practicing for and tell him his friends from NY say 'hello'! We meant to get his Facebook or something to stay in touch a bit, but forgot on the last day. He's amazing and we enjoyed chatting with him each day. He should laugh about the 'diving show'....... :-)
  5. We were on The Anthem last week and had a great time. One thing going on the ship that I was unsure about after reading the boards here were the shows. We had reserved all 3 of them and decided to go in with an open mind. They were FABULOUS! All 3 of them were enjoyed by both my husband and I which leads me to the following advice; check them out as you can always leave. The Gift was probably my favorite and Spectra was definitely his favorite, but we both loved 'We Will Rock You' as well. Check them out.... Other things to mention on the ships is to check out some events in Two70. This place is amazing and at times was way under visited. We met people on the last couple days of the cruise that hadn't even made it there to see it! Wow! That's a must see! We both loved North Star as well and were glad we had signed up. Meals in the MDR were great by us and we enjoyed a few quieter breakfasts in the Solarium Bistro, but Windjammer had great food and staff as well. The pool situation is also incredible with (3) different areas and an actual adult only area that is truly enforced!! I love kids, but if it says adult only then make it happen. They did... Here's a TIP for Sail Away in NJ...... (told to us by a great crew member) Often, (not always), but often enough they look....if you go to the back of the ship especially the Windjammer outside deck, in the back, they will see whales follow them out in their wake. On the 18th when we sailed, she saw and took pictures of one directly behind the ship. I sure wish I'd known that was a possibility.... So much more I could write about, but these are some off the top of my head thoughts. If you want to know anything specific and I can, I'm happy to answer it. Happy sailing!
  6. Oh my frustration was definitely more with adults than kids!!! I love kids and they learn what they live and are allowed to do....
  7. Yes! The crew are definitely to be commended. As for the time of year we sail, for the next 12 years, that is job related! LOL
  8. I love cruising! I feel fortunate to do so and we try to be very patient and easy going! I mean it is vacation. However, by the last couple of days of this past cruise, I was completely over "RUDE" people and the fact they were sharing their behaviors with their children. Overall, we met great people and great kids, but there were several people that made you wonder where on earth they were brought up and got the idea that they are so much more important than other people. Entitlement much? I think my biggest issue is those that pass an entire line of people with their kids and try to move to the front! Maybe, it's the people that are vulgar and it's not their problem other people's children are in earshot? Or perhaps, it's the disrespect I saw shown to some of the crew! We watched a table of teens dump the salt and pepper shakers on the table with their parents laughing?? REALLY? Who do you think will have to clean that up? Not to mention the sanitary reasons for using the shakers appropriately. Ugh!! Like I said, I love cruising, but as in my real life at home, I marvel at the lack of manners in some grown people! Tell me it isn't just me that sees it??
  9. What is currently going on for shows on The Adventure of the Seas? Who is the Cruise Director? Thanks so much in advance! :-)
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