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  1. Thanks, that is so helpful. I have registered. The Roll Call for the Viking Sky 31 October cruise is entirely focused on excursions so I am not sure how to take this forward on that site in terms of promoting the Meet and Mingle. It would hardly qualify under “reply to this topic”. Despite advanced years my inexperience in this area is showing!
  2. Hi, I am not clear how one gets on the guest list for M&M. We have contributed a couple of items to our roll call, Viking Star 31October. However we had previously contributed to a roll call for an Oceania cruise and we’re unaware of a M&M meeting.
  3. Thanks for checking while you are at sea. Enjoy the rest of your trip. The suggestion of flip flops for the shower is also helpful. We had not thought of that. Lateral thinking!
  4. Thanks folks, appreciate the rapid replies. I am sure the hand rail will help. As for the hand towel on the shower floor, that is our usual last resort option.
  5. My husband and I are sailing on Viking Star on 31st October this year to Cities of Antiquity and the Holy land. It is our first Viking Ocean cruise. We have booked a veranda cabin. As my husband has several replaced joints we are always concerned in case he slips in the shower. I would be grateful to get feedback about the walk in shower. Is the floor really non slip or do they provide a non slip shower mat.
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