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  1. Ship - Breakaway Deck - 5 Stateroom # - 5790 and 5792 Stateroom Category – OB Family Ocean View Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) –Nope. Constant dragging, mechanical noise. Possibly from bowling alley in decks above. Loud enough to keep light sleepers awake and distract those who struggle to fall asleep. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No. Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – None. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - N/A Was wind a problem? - N/A If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - Just noise. Any other comments? -
  2. I, sir, a humble lower-middle class cog, can't afford any of those hotels and so my options in the more culturally and culinary-rich, exciting blocks of the city are, indeed, decrepit, stinky, and loud. I wish you continued blessings in this promising new year.
  3. Edit for clarification: love the older parts of the city but don't like sleeping there.
  4. *Personally* is the key word here. I personally hate the noise, stink, and old buildings in the older parts of the city.
  5. We just returned from the NCL Breakaway. We stayed at the Embassy Suites and just walked south on Julia Street, made a slight right at the elevator that takes you up to the shops, continued walking on the street, and across the tracks. There, we were met by porters who made sure our checked bags were tagged correctly. Check-in is in the terminal to the right. We didn't need to take the overhead walkway and we weren't the only ones crossing the tracks. Same thing at disembark - rolled our own luggage off the ship, walked back to the Embassy, where they stored our bags for the afternoon.
  6. Haven't been to NOLA in about ten years but I do know the French Quarter is safe. Our family (including teen, preteen, and grandparents) is spending a day in town before and after our Breakaway cruise in December. We plan on walking everywhere (French Quarter, Treme, Garden District) during the day and Lyfting at night. I do have concerns about walking my kids through Bourbon Street, not because it's unsafe, but because you see aaaaaallll kinds of nonsense there. If anything, it'll be a cautionary tale for them. Ha! We expect to pay around $30-$40 for a Lyft ride from MSY to our hotel near the convention center.
  7. Here's a great list of bars featured in HBO's Tremé. If you have time, watch the series to get hyped up about your trip!
  8. Perfect! Thanks so much for replying. We're staying at the Embassy Suites just up the street so this is going to be super convenient.
  9. So, just to make sure: If I'm walking on Julia Street and boarding a NCL ship, I don't need to take the escalators up to where Nordstrom Rack is right? I can just keep walking past the elevator on the sidewalk, over the streetcar tracks, and into the terminal?
  10. Jorge Ramos, a well-respected journalist, recently vacationed in Quintana Roo and published this article today. He describes the changes he's noticed along Quintana Roo beaches (unbelievable amounts of sargassum), what they're attributed to (climate change, basically), and actions the Mexican government might take to mitigate the problem (set up a plastic barrier offshore).
  11. It's not. It's made in Jalisco. However, the owners of Hacienda Antigua are real distillers in Jalisco and the hacienda on the island is a replica of their facility back home. The tour does appear to offer a thorough lesson on the history of tequila but the props are just for show:) :)
  12. I've never been to Cozumel but I travel to Mexico often as my parents are from central Mexico. Cozumel isn't a place where I'd devote any time to a tequila tasting because it's just not an authentic part of that region. It would be like docking in San Diego and going on a bourbon tasting tour. Honestly, we've made it a habit to sample tequilas at Duty Free shops because the offerings are plentiful and the bottles are priced well. I would instead consider a food tour, as food from the Yucatan peninsula (cochinita pibil, panuchos, sopa de lima) is uniquely regional and tasty.
  13. We'll be in Cozumel on a 7-ship day and I'm trying to find the best beach club option for us. I know Nachi is the only one that has a limit on guests but admission is steep. Has anyone been to Chankanaab, Paradise, or Palancar on a 7-ship day? What was your experience like? Is getting of the ship early and rushing to the beach enough to get a good spot?
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