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  1. Update Received full refund today, it only showed up on my CC this morning but has a May 10th refunded date. This has take 52 days since I applied. BTW I was travelling with a group that had 6 cabins booked, I'm the only that has received refund as of today, all applied the same day. Good luck.
  2. I received the second apology email on Wednesday (May 6th), stating that my refund had been processed and funds dispersed and I should see a refund on my CC in a "few days". I contacted RCCL today as I have not seen any refund and was told it was only processed on May 8th and I should see a refund on my CC by the end of the week. At this point, I will believe it when I see it. I've found this process, like most of the posters here, disappointing to say the least.
  3. Disappointing to say the least. I have cancelled four vacations for this year including a RCCL cruise (sail date - April 26th, Cancelled by RCCL) and a Cunard cruise in August, with the exception of the two cruises, all refunds were credited to my CC within a week. At least Cunard said right off, it would take 90 days for a refund, IMO still ridiculous but at least they were upfront about it. RCCL on the other hand, initially was 30 days, then 45 days? I phoned twice and both times it was "waiting to be processed"? Disappointed.
  4. I've been looking at a White Pass train excursion in Skagway, the cost is $60pp cheaper doing it yourself compared to an excursion with the ship. The only advantage I see with the ships excursion is that the train comes to the ship, compared to a 10 min walk to the station? Is there any other benefits to the ships excursion? Love to hear from those that booked their tickets and walked to the station. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, some great info. I appreciate the suggestions. Now all I have to do is decide. 🙂
  6. Thanks for the information, we are actually looking at more exotic schedules, possibly with a west coast (USA) departure.
  7. Does anyone know where you can go on the web and work out a ships sequential sailing schedule, I'm actually looking at possibly doing some back to back cruises in the future and Im finding it difficult to work out a ships sequential cruise info. The cruises i'm thinking of are those cruises that depart and arrive/finish at different ports. Thank you.
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