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  1. Hi Lindamae Sorry for late reply. The Jewel of The Seas is magnificant, nothing was too much trouble i.e. our bed was uncomfortable, which I mentioned to our stateroom attendant, by the time we had, had our dinner a new mattress and a foam topper was put on!! My son really wanted just a plain shrimp salad and the maitre d made it personally for him - you cant beat the service we didnt have any special stateroom but we sure had special treatment. All the facilities were superb. Flying to Sweden I think is a great idea, we could have done without Norway. Luckily we only live 1.5 hours away from Harwich so it was the easiest journey we have ever done. But I was told it took a couple of hours by coach and about 1.5 by train. Sweden is gorgeous, its on our return list.
  2. Hi LindaMae, we actually watched the fire on the Jewel of the Seas having just returned from a tour and passing the cathedral intact. It was a Lutheran Cathedral which was under renovation. Due to lack of health and safety and wooden scaffolding,the workers were smoking whilst working and set fire to the scaffolding which then in turn set alight to the domed roof. It was a really beautiful cathedral and we had only passed there a matter of about 2 hours before hand.
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    baltic cruise jewel of the seas

    Hi Alison, thanks for replying. Do you know of a web site that I can visit to give a SEA long term forecast?? thanks Amanda
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    baltic cruise jewel of the seas

    Hi Alison We are going on the J.O.S the same time as you are with our 10 year old son. I don't know what a "roll call" is (being British),but presume you mean numbers of children/activities for children. Our Travel Agent highly recommended the Royal Carribean as they have so much for children to do and they had just come back from the same trip. He said his children loved all the things that there was to do and didnt want to leave the ship! Hence we have only booked one excursion per day. Money wise we have registered a credit card online and already checked in! Getting excited! We have a small denomination of currency for each country approx $50.00 as from reading all the letters on this site it seems credit cards are widely accepted. I bet our kids meet up and have a great time:) Amanda
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    Baltics/shuttle From Ships?

    thank you so much
  6. We are going on The Jewell of The Seas to the Baltics in August (cant wait:) ) can anyone tell me are there shuttle buses from the ports to town centres?? Thank You.
  7. Hi Thank you for your comments. What did you think of the ship? were the staff friendly, facilities good etc. ??:) [quote name='Redrufus']Some small points which may be of use. 1. Weather was cool but dry except for showers in Copenhagen and Stockholm. Very sunny but breezy in St. Petersburg. Coming from the East Coast of England it suited me well for touring but several Americans thought it was cold. 2. Weather has settled down well over Scandinavia and western Europe with a large anticyclone there - London, Stockholm etc. in the 70s and 80s. 3. The North Sea and Baltic were very kind - I doubt if the ship wobbled an inch over the whole period. 4. Copenhagen - Hans Christian Anderson Tour did not run. Apparently he was of sick - the Information Girl was not very helpful. 5. St Petersburg port was closed overnight as we approached due to strong winds. When opened the Oriana had to come out 2 hours+ before we could start to go in so we arrived at Midday instead of early morning. The Jewel Staff did a tremendous job re-organising 1700 Tours - and any that were cut short were given a percentage refund. 6. Talking to many other passengers we were pleased to have done our own thing in all ports except St. Petersburg. Organised groups felt they were rushed around to get everything in. Hope these points may be helpful - will come back if I think of others.[/quote]