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  1. yst347

    Fridge in Conquest rooms

    yes...all cabins have them on Conquest
  2. yst347

    Port of Galveston closed

    The only time cruise ships cannot sell alcoholic drinks while in Texas are Sunday mornings. The law says no sales before noon unless accompanied by food purchases in which case 11 AM. This usually goes unnoticed as the vast majority of passengers are not onboard trying to buy a drink before noon on Sunday. The other restriction is the products offered for sale. Brands are limited and sales tax is collected while cruise ships are in port. My assumption has always been that the cruise lines are restricted to selling beverages purchased from state licensed wholesalers. The wholesalers pay the excise tax to the state and pass the cost in the wholesale price. If someone knows for sure whether this is the reason I would appreciate the clarification. It looks like the Boliver ferry has resumed service so that bodes well for the cruise ships getting out tonight.
  3. yst347

    Switching rooms once on the ship

    It's easy to switch rooms with someone else in your party. I'm not sure you will have much success asking the strangers in the next cabin to switch. I suppose it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is they say no.
  4. yst347

    Port of Galveston closed

    [quote name='Isasprings']The Magic is going to leave today?[/quote] Nothing is [I]certain[/I] but our friends onboard anticipate sailing any moment now.
  5. yst347

    Port of Galveston closed

    Hopefully the weather should be better over the next few days. It's a shame there is nothing for you to do around the Bayport cruise facility. Is Princess organizing any excursions? The Space Center and Kemah Boardwalk are not too far away.
  6. yst347

    Port of Galveston closed

    The Triumph is docked a few hundred yards before the cruise terminal. You can see it on the web cam. http://www.galveston.com/cruisecam/ It looks like Triumph will stay there until Magic finally sails.
  7. yst347

    15 day Hawaii out of LA

    We sailed the one way itinerary from San Diego to Honolulu. I really enjoyed the sea days sailing out and could have used some sea days after the cruise ended. The 15 day provides plenty of down time on each end. My hesitation in sailing the round-trip is having only four port days. On the one way itinerary we had six port days and I can tell you we were only able to scratch the surface of all the amazing things to see and do in Hawaii.
  8. yst347

    New Loyalty Program ?? VIFP

    [quote name='funinthesun1964']I'm starting to believe this could be possible :mad: Better start bringing rolls of quarters with you from now on! :eek:[/QUOTE] You won't need quarter, just use your Sail and Sign. The bathrooms will operate on the new [I]swipe and wipe[/I] system.
  9. yst347


    Pros: Beautiful foliage and spectacular scenery Cons: Cold...Cold...Cold...
  10. yst347

    New Loyalty Program ?? VIFP

    [quote name='Alan the sponge']happens to all the nice people who love Carnival and Heald then. How come you post on Healds page using a false name? Plese explain becuae I am sure Heald will answer you kindly and respectfully if you dont pretend to be someone you are not.[/QUOTE] I don't think [I]hate to see you go[/I] is his real name. Maybe he uses his real name on facebook?
  11. yst347

    New Loyalty Program ?? VIFP

    [quote name='cruzn buckeye']I love that movie! But, are you sure that wasn't from Smokey and the Bandit? I can hear the sherriff saying those words as we speak... :)[/QUOTE] [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fuDDqU6n4o[/url]
  12. yst347

    New Loyalty Program ?? VIFP

    [quote name='dclark']I got a big question here- I am dclark and never posted anything like that on FB or anyone's blog. In fact, I don't even have a Face Book account! So, are the CCL syncophantic loons trying to put words into my mouth?[/QUOTE] No one would confuse a lower case guy like you for the real DClark.
  13. yst347

    Water on ship? Sea Water?

    The water astronauts drink in space is from treated urine. They don't notice either since its water when they drink it.
  14. yst347

    Water on ship? Sea Water?

    The pool water is filtered sea water, otherwise not treated.
  15. yst347

    Wine storage

    Why don't you store your wine in your cabin on the fireplace mantle like the rest of us do?