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  1. On 2/8/2024 at 9:35 AM, floinnc said:

    Does anyone have any information on unlimited use of the Thermal Suite on the Diamond Princess? I was informed that suites get complimentary access but we’re in a balcony. It’s a 22 day cruise next year with lots of sea days. Any idea of cost and whether we have to book onboard only? Thanks for any info!


    Looks like we are on the same cruise. I booked the thermal suite package as the price was amazing. However after lots of research there is no indoor pool in the spa which is what we were looking for. Have now cancelled as it's just not going to suit us. 

  2. I'm about two months from my cruise and the app has the same message. I am 99% sure there's several things wrong as 1) I'm pretty positive the captain isn't doing his Q&A at midnight on day 1 nor afew the DreamWorks characters doing a m&g then and 2) the MDRs list the first lunch menu on our first port day but none on our first sea day.


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    Too funny, the poor old captain may be a little tired the next day.

  3. We were on the same cruise last year Andy there’s we’re no charges. While there had been for the Asian legs they were stopped for the repositioning and Australian season. Was the charge communicated through the cruise planner?

    Yes it was on the cruise planner. Have booked for 6 of us and have informed them all of cancellation policy. Not happy considering most of us will be Aussies & Kiwis.

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