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  1. What time did you arrive at the self-assist line?
  2. Did you stay at Springhill Suites in Dania Beach? We board Allure on Sunday and are booked there. There are 6 of us, so I’m wondering what the best way to get from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the port with two adults and four teenagers. I have heard many Uber to the port (like you) due to slow shuttles.
  3. If you don’t have water shoes they will provide you with them. I definitely would not wear open toed shoes. The path is uneven and rocky. You could cut your toes!
  4. Thank you for the information. I am not sure why Royal told me differently. It seems like a great deal for $250, but not such a great deal for $750! I assume $250 is as good as it gets, since we sail on 7/28/19.
  5. Hello! I am sailing on Allure this month, and we have three rooms. I called Royal a few minutes ago, and was told I would have to purchase a digital photo package ($250 per room) for each room, even though there were children under 21 in all of the rooms. Should I call back? The person I spoke to did not seem familiar with the fine print, but she told me she double-checked the rules. The description of the photo package says nothing about children in other rooms. Is this an unspoken rule, or has anyone seen it in writing? Room 1: Myself and 14 year-old Room 2: My husband and 16 year-old Room 3: Our 20 year-old and 17-year old
  6. The water is not dirty! This is a picture of my group. The pictures are expensive but great quality.
  7. We were there in May. Great experience! Yes, they provide life jackets and water shoes. They also provide free lockers.
  8. Well shoot. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. My kids (19,17,16, and 14) want to snorkel while on our cruise to San Juan, St. Maarten, and Labadee next month. We already have an excursion planned in SM, so we are thinking about one of two snorkeling excursions in Labadee: Speed Boat and Snorkel and the Snorkel Safari. There was a post about this several years ago, but I was hoping for recent reviews. The snorkel safari seems to be a catamaran that takes you to a spot, whereas the other excursion transports by speedboat. Other than that, are they the same? I realize Labadee is not an ideal snorkeling location, but is it decent? When we snorkeled in Bermuda we saw nothing. Any advice about these two excursions would really be appreciated.
  10. Can someone give me the link to current cruise compasses for Allure? I believe there is a website that posts cruise compasses for RCCL ships, but I cannot remember the site. Thank you!
  11. Your review (especially the Cruise Compass) is very helpful. Thanks!
  12. How was this excursion in January? I have not heard good reviews about snorkeling in Labadee so I would love some feedback!
  13. The total time RCCL gives you is accurate. We did this last year and my teenagers loved it. This year (we are going in July also) I think we are going to do it in St. Maarten because they give you 12-15 minutes of air time versus 5 minutes.
  14. My teenagers did it last year, and they were not impressed. We are going to Labadee again in July and they do not want to do the zip line again. For them it was more of a “bucket list” activity. To put things in perspective, however, we had been to Mexico in 2016 and did a phenomenal zip line adventure. If you have young kids or have never ziplined, the Labadee one will probably be great!
  15. We have a party of 6, each traveling with a large suitcase. Any advice on the most economical and efficient way to get to FLL?
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