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  1. Thank you everyone! I think we will skip the soda package and give the kids an "allowance" to spend how they want on the ship.
  2. Thank you everyone for the information! I appreciate it!!
  3. It will be our family's first time on RC, LOS. Trying to decide about the classic soda package for the kids. Personally, I don't drink pop very much. That being said, does everyone in the cabin have to get the package? And if we do get the package, where do you get drinks? Do you have to wait along time? I don't want my kids to have to wait to get their drink while we are all eating......just trying to figure out how it works exactly. Thank you!
  4. So we are headed to Galveston to board the LOS in Nov. I have cruised on Carnival a few times and feel like I know that line pretty well. But we wanted to try RC and thought this would be a good opportunity. However, I am starting to do a little research and notice things like you can carry on only 12 drinks per cabin, not 12 pp like Carnival. Are there any other major differences I should be aware of? What about Room Service? Anything else? Thank you!!
  5. Thanks for the recommendations in Falmouth, I had no ideas!
  6. Thank you~ I will def plan on scheduling something else. Either Paradise or Chankanaab.
  7. What's the chances that Mr. Sanchos will open up before we go? I really wanted to take the kids there! 🤔 Any similiar suggestions? I think they would be board at Nachi......
  8. Thanks! I hadn't looked yet 😞
  9. Thank you, I appreciate the info! I think it will work well, she's outgoing and will make friends easy!
  10. Thanks I will. I was wondering more about the ship itself. We've always doing Carnival. Having been to these ports myself~ I'm leaning towards Sanchos in Cozumel, one of the Stingray tours in GC and not sure about Jamaica yet.
  11. I've only been on two cruises, but I am serious when it comes to my family vacations! Doesn't matter if it's WDW, a cross country trip or what~I'm a planner. Last night, spur of the moment decision, we decided to book a cruise over Thanksgiving to celebrate my husband's retirement. We are taking our children-12,14,16. The kids have never been on a cruise and my current work schedule isn't going to allow me time to research like I always do. We are going to Grand Cayman, Falmouth, & Cozumel out of Galveston. Leaving Nov 17th. So what are the most knows about our trip and things you can recommend for my kids. The boys can hang together and will probably have a great time, but they won't want to hang with their sister 😞 Thoughts, tips, recommendations are appreciated!!
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