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  1. careful! several comments have been removed including mine. peeps need to get a grip!
  2. what resort did you end up going to? was it irotama?
  3. did anyone book the HOHO option in cartagena (assuming it was offered) THROUGH NCL? if so, what were the logistics. i'm seeing all kinds mixed reviews specifically when arriving my cruise ship.
  4. we got all sorts of food delivered to the cabana. water would be free from the bar (or cabana person) and the food pictured above was free also. there’s no shortage of food or drink! 😎
  5. we ended up getting a large cabana instead of the small (a nice surprise!) and it was very very nice. that part of the beach is WAY less crowded. there's a bar nearby and food (which was SO good). it was worth it for our group of 6 so i would highly recommend! even if you don't do a cabana, go to this area of the island. there were so few people and we all found the snorkeling to be better on this side as well.
  6. FYI -- I just returned from Miami-Cuba on the Sky and had a balcony room; there was no coffee pot in the room so it isn't "automatic".
  7. super helpful! thanks for letting me know!
  8. please report back! i'll be heading to SA on NCL in Demcember 2019 and am interested to know how this excursion is. the NCL reviews are quite good!
  9. yes, I'm aware of all of that. I was explaining for the others. :)
  10. if referring to the premium plus beverage package, it's $128/day per person. i'll be on the sky in april and that's the only option I see. here's what it says--"Enjoy a wide selection of beverages including top shelf liquor, premium wines, water, soda, juices, and specialty coffee." I'm good with open bar! i will be sailing with NCL in December and we chose the "free at sea" adult beverage package which was $20/person per day. on a 14-day cruise, we felt it was worth it. all I'm saying is know what you're getting into!
  11. make sure you understand you will be charged a pretty heft fee per day/per person for that particular "free at sea" perk. personally i'd stick with the open bar and use your perk for something else. i think the UBP includes more "premium" alcohol.
  12. I booked through United Cruises and have already filled out the OFAC form for/through NCL. Other than that, there's no other information within my NCL account regarding the visa/tourist card. NCL's website is of zero help. My sister booked through NCL and can find no information either. When I read their rules, it seems like it's a given NCL will get the visa for you. Nowhere have I read you need to call or e-mail or do whatever, so I'm glad I now know I need to call.
  13. ok, thanks! i wish there was a box you could check within your online account, you know? it just seems confusing and it doesn't say what you need to do so i appreciate your help. i'll call tomorrow!
  14. how do we get the visa from the ship? just fill out the OFAC form or is there something else we need to do?
  15. i would be interested in a recent review of the small cabanas as well--we will be there in april!
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