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  1. We bought them at the Kerameikos museum, but you can get them at most of the sites. There are some available on line but the package was actually cheaper once we got to Athens. If you go to the Ancient Agora, the gate close to the Acropolis is closed during winter. You will have to enter the gate near the Stoa of Attalos.
  2. Ours was post cruise. There are options for the subway, but it was actually cheaper to get a 4 or 5 day as to day passes. Prices may have changed. Google how to use Athens metro and cost. There are also some utube videos as well. I had to call Viking about 4 times to get a good explanation regarding what was happening on the extension. I think the only thing in the Docs was that we were staying at the Hilton. The hotel will have a city map.
  3. If you are doing the 4 day extension you will get a guided tour of both the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum. It was not included for the 2 day. We did the 4 day. Your guide for the 4 day should be the same person every day for your group. Just be warned the guide may or may not be knowledgeable about every rock on the hill. This excursion will be done in conjunction with the bus transfer from the ship to the hotel. Many people booked the Acropolis tour for the Athens port excursion not knowing the tour was included in the 4 day extension. We bought the 4 day pass for the metro (15 Euros each and a book of site skip the line tickets for 16 euros each). The subway is user friendly and we went to the Plaka every evening for dinner. On our non-excursion day we did the Kerameikos museum, the Agora and Agora Museum, Hadrian's Library, Roman Agora, had lunch, wandered the shops and sites of the Plaka and caught the guard changing at the Parliament Building then back to the hotel. I did a lot of research prior to the trip and was comfortable negotiating the sites.
  4. Call Viking, they can tell you. You might want to consider the full acropolis tour. Museum is awesome. That one I know is guided. Viking had a shuttle that ran from the port to the Temple of Zeus. After the tour, we had time to wander the temple grounds, then walked to the Ancient Agora wandered around and went to the Angora museum, had lunch at DiaDos right outside the Angora gate and caught the shuttle back to the ship. Nice to know, bathrooms are at all these locations.
  5. Anyone used the train from the port to the Saint Peter's Station? Is it user friendly? Also best place to buy Skip the Line tickets for Sistine Chapel, museums and Saint Peters. I know the Vatican museum has them, but you have to buy 2 separate tickets and they are not refundable.
  6. May have but did not notice. Mom and Pop operation.
  7. There is a little restaurant called Pita Pan right around the corner from the Hilton. Sort of their fast food versions of gyros. We ate there twice, good food, decent wine and not too expensive. There is a little grocery store about 1/4 mile further down where you can by wine instead of the $18 a glass at the Hilton.
  8. We slept in for the cruise in. But to get a good photo you may have to go up to the sport's deck or track on deck 2. Better view going out. Weather was cool so everyone piled in the explorer longe and grabbed a seat and a drink to enjoy the cruise back out to the Adriatic.
  9. We took that cruise last March with the Tuscany and 4 day Athens extensions. I'm a bit of a history nut so did a lot of research before the cruise. Koper and Zadar were weathered out as well as Katakolon....but they added Split. Venice, Dubrovnik and Athens had shuttles. Tours: We did the opera in Venice which was kind of neat. The included tour in Dubrovnik, explored on our own, then but tickets to walk the wall.Take the included Koper tour then explore and/or take a walk up to the old castle. In Corfu we did the Palace of Achilles and city tour. It was better than just the included city tour. On Santorini, we opted for the ancient city and Oia/Theria tour. The ruins are interesting. If you have only the one day do the ultimate acropolis then go to the old Agora and walk it and go to the museum if there is a shuttle. We did the museum and when they dropped us off at the shuttle point and we went to the temple of Zeus right across the street. Then go to the old Agora , walk the grounds and go to the Stoa museum. Right outside the entry gate is a restaurant call DiaDio's. Good house wine and get the seafood plate. Enough to share. The metro is user friendly too. Carry plenty of 1 and 50 cent euro coins. Bathrooms are rare and they cost.
  10. No, Still debating....Looked at what there was to do in Civitavecchia. There is an old fort, a no cost museum, couple of churches and several decent restaurants for lunch. Might just hang there. Been to Rome twice and not sure if the 3 hour travel is worth it to see 1 or 2 things we have seen before.
  11. We are Steve and Janice Garner. Did Empires of the Mediterranean last March on Viking Star. We loved the trip so much we booked again on Jupiter doing back to back Journey to Antiquities and Iconic Western Mediterranean this time. We may be looking to do a private Rome Tour while everyone is loading and unloading. Any recommendations on a tour company in Civitavecchia? Would like to hear from anyone that has done Viking shore excursions in Monte Carlo, Marseille, Sete' and Barcelona as to suggestions on the best tour to take.
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