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  1. The last update I saw for opening of the new terminal said May/June 2020 ... this was from Port Miami not NCL.
  2. It will be. The cast currently rehearsing in Tampa will be on board until March and then a new cast will come on board. If you want to keep up with what they're up to, they are very active on Social Media... 😉
  3. Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. You could always add to the conversation instead of lurking... 🙂 I think Cruise Critic is generally quieter than it once was.
  5. A few more from today from Ronald Verhoog...
  6. Can't help but be intrigued buy what's hidden under all the tents in the Vibe Beach Club...
  7. Hi, A friend has registered an account on the forums today but hasn't received the email to verify her email address and so is unable to log in. She's checked her spam box etc. Is there a way to have the verification email resent?
  8. Noted and thanks for mentioning it. Given it was in the public domain, it didn't occur to me.
  9. A couple of Instagram posts from inside the ship...
  10. These overhead photos were posted in a FB group a few days ago... Credit: Ronald Verhoog Photography
  11. There is mention in a Cruise Critic article of evening entertainment in Vibe... I guess we'll need to wait and see. Editing to add that I just tried to find the article and can't.
  12. Food is very subjective. I've only sailed on two NCL ships (Epic & Escape) and, most recently, one Royal Caribbean ship (Navigator of the Seas). I was very disappointed with the food on Navigator, but I'm not going to assume I'd be disappointed on another RC ship... Cruise number four will be back with NCL though. I don't have enough experience of excursions to comment on differences.
  13. First photo in daylight... (Credit Jeroen van Roijen on FB)
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