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  1. We were on the Eurodam 1/26 to 2/5, and the health questionnaires had been eliminated. Of course things might be changing again now with this new virus. I must say that this was one of the healthiest ships I have ever been on - I saw very few signs of anyone coughing/sneezing, etc.
  2. It does seem too complicated now. When I tried to get a live person via their "customer service" phone number to ask a few questions (before I posted here), I was unsuccessful. You just get a recording instructing you to look at the options online unless you want to book travel (cruise, flights, hotels). Life is busy enough without having to decipher major redemption change rules and getting the run around when you want to speak with a live person. I used to use my points for OBC, and after the card redemption changes, I received statement credit when I requested OBC with a phone agent. So then I just started redeeming for statement credit to keep things simple but wondered if there was a better way to use points. It has been a couple of years since I tried to redeem points so wondered what the current best strategies are to make the most of points. Thanks again for all the helpful responses here. (Ruth C - Many thanks for your quick response and for all of your helpful replies to this and many other queries on this forum.)
  3. Thank you for your responses. I only use mine for HAL purchases as well since I have a cash back card that I use for everything else.
  4. Since the point usage/redemption was revamped a few years ago, I have not fully understood the best strategy/value of using the HAL Visa Points that I've accumulated. If Ruth C or others who are savvy, have advice for the best way to use 50,000+ points, I would greatly appreciate your input. I tried doing a search of the HAL boards but came up empty with the search terms that I tried. Thanks in advance & Happy New Year!
  5. Very few from what I've seen in recent years, but there still are some who do.
  6. Sandy - Another idea is to compare pricing for a less expensive non-verandah cabin combined with a Retreat Cabana for the entire cruise. However, you'd want to call Ship Services first to make sure there are Retreat Cabanas still left to reserve on your sailing if this idea appeals to you. They can also confirm the current pricing for the Retreat Cabanas for your cruise. Then once you book the cruise and have your Booking Number, you can call Ship Services back to book the Retreat Cabana. We've found that when we have a Retreat Cabana, we never use our verandah.
  7. The only HAL ships with Lido Cabanas are the Eurodam and the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  8. Agree with the majority here - we are HAL regulars but our very first cruise was on the PG, and I think you would be very happy if you choose the PG for Tahiti. We extended our vacation by adding a second week on one island after the cruise.
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