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  1. My niece cruise for carnival was cancelled she only paid the deposit and she got $600 OBC
  2. Any places to shop souvenirs. Do they hav souvenirs at Sydney wildlife or aquarium.
  3. Do they hav street vendor or markets open to buy souvenmiors around harbour. Can u buy souvenirs at Woolworth’s. Paddy market doesn’t open till wed, I arrive tues.
  4. I did my ETA last week or before that and I still haven’t heard a thing. I bet I am one of the longer ones where it takes longer.
  5. Princess wrote to me and sent the link for ETA. We are going in Oct ,they sent the link to me in July.
  6. Do we count our maiden name as a alias name. it asks if you were known by other names. I don’t want to fill it out wrong
  7. I am from Canada. Princess sent it to me.
  8. Do we need a ETA or visa to visit Australia
  9. Does anyone know if I can get a tour once I get there. You can get it online but what if we don’t get off the ship on time. Plus it double the price on princess.
  10. I looked at the tour ,it looks great. i just wondering if I can just get the tour off shore. thank you so much. It’s double the price through princess
  11. Thanks , the cruise does offer this tour but it’s double the price.. i wonder if it’s the same tour company.
  12. Thanks how far are we from “the boat hub, next to the jet skis. this tour looks great. we are a tender ,so I am not sure how far it is.
  13. I also dock at Airlie beach. Are there turtle excursion you can book once you arrive there.
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