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  1. My June 5th cruise was cancelled on Monday. I had a new cruise booked for July (called my PVP's cell and he got it taken care of right away), my Delta flights for all 5 of us rescheduled, and hotels rescheduled by 5pm that same day. All the companies are very forgiving right now and want to make things as easy and stress free as possible. My flight was super simple (hold time to get someone to help took 3 hours so be prepared for that).
  2. I recently ordered $5500 in cards in one single order. No issues at all and had them in about 3 days.
  3. How often do you guys receive emails? The last one I got was on Nov 17th but the last one before that was back in mid October. I check my spam folder all the time because that's where they go in gmail.
  4. I'll take ready4holidays19 for 1000, Alex... And I'll take 19ready4holidays for 2000, Alex
  5. Just go back a few pages. I went through just last week and found a bunch of old ones and quoted them. I just got on last week and paid off the remaining $6k on my cruise in just a few days of putting codes in.
  6. Nope! Just money but like I said earlier. You can only buy 1 of each per month. 😞
  7. I joined Allstate a few months ago but cannot figure out how to get points for the life of me. I tried the app and doing the driving thing but that doesn't accumulate points nearly as fast as the quizzes on here. What am I missing?
  8. so I just logged on and got signed up to be a member. It was $12 to subscribe for the year. I'm only 29. I did find that both of the gift cards ($500 and $100) are only able to be purchased 1 time per month. What a bunch of crap! You can only purchase up to 3 gift cards from different retailers a month as well. Not sure what to do at this point as I was hoping to be able to purchase all my gift cards at once to cover the balance of my cruise.
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