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  1. Thought I posted this on the roll call. My bad. What did I do wrong?
  2. Less than a month away and I am guessing that many, if not most, have booked their excursions. I want to present something a bit different for our day in Huatulco. It is called Wahaca Cooking. It is an opportunity to not only eat some local food, but shop and cook it as well. It is run by Alfredo Ramirez, who owns what Trip Advisor rates as the top restaurant in La Crucecita. After getting picked up at 9:00 from the ship, we will go to La Crucecita to shop for the food we will prepare. Then we head to his school near the Copalita River for the class. In addition to cooking (a
  3. Is that a rule? If so, I did not know that. While I want to get it out there for people in my roll call, would others on the cruise, not necessarily in the roll call, be aware of these excursions. Does posting in the roll call also capture those that are looking more generally
  4. As we approach our cruise date in December, we are trying to get a better take on what we might expect on certain ports of call. We are taking one via the ship, Princess, that begins with a drive to San Felipe Castle. The itinerary says photo stop and further in, it says time at the suite is 15 minutes. Taking that literally, that sounds like we get there, have time to walk around for a few minutes or so, take pictures. Certainly does not seem like enough time to climb to the top or is it. Also how steep is the climb? After that it goes to Los Bovedas (10 minute drive?), but
  5. I have been involved with a roll call for my particular cruise, Panama Canal-LA to FtL and get emails and notifications when one of those people write in. That part is fine. I have also been getting emails and notifications for the one going the other way immediately following. While I appreciate back and forth that I see, it is not quite so relevant. How do I change things. so I don't get email notifications for that trip
  6. It is confusing, isn't it? I have a 15 day in December and I am really thinking that between the two of us, we are going to need more than one anyway. If that's the case, we might just go ahead and order the second one ahead of time, so we each have one and there is no issue. If we have a lot left towards the end, I guess we can indulge or we can treat our new found friends.. I really don't want to be thinking every day, should I or shouldn't I. That's not the point of a cruise.
  7. Sorry if that came out as if you made that comment. I reworded my question using the Princess website info.
  8. Room pass card, medallion, but the same rules apply, right? Ours BTW is not a medallion ship
  9. On the Princess website it says What is Included The package includes the pre-purchase of a specified number of specialty coffees (numbers vary by itinerary) during the voyage of purchase, as well as complimentary brewed coffee and hot chocolate. Package Details and Qualifications Coffee packages cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to any individual. Pre-purchased specialty coffees may be shared, but complimentary brewed coffee, teas and hot chocolate continue to be limited to the purchaser. I took that to mean that if my wife had a package in her name that
  10. So all passengers get medallions and they work off that
  11. I think you are reading the post correctly, given the answer. You mention putting the package on the medallion. Does everyone get a medallion to put it on. Two years ago, as you know, there was a card that was punched and either of us could use it. Pretty simple. There appear to be new rules. I want to be honest and not game the system. I read that the specialty drinks count against the 15 and fresh brewed stuff is free to the person who has the card (account). But that can't be shared. So bottom line assuming there is a medallion. She gets the card (account) in her name w
  12. Trying to figure this out, while not skating the system. My wife is a Chai Latte fan and will go through one a day. Thus the package makes sense for her on a 15 day just by itself. I will have a coffee in the morning with breakfast pretty much every day and probably one with dessert after dinner. When we did a 7 day a couple of years ago, the rules were different. She got her chais and I would get a fresh brewed while we were standing there on her card. By the end of the trip, we still had three or four punches left, but that was only on a 7 day. We got the coffee
  13. For our port of call. in Huatulco on the Emerald Princess, December 3-18, we were seeking out potential private tours, as opposed to some from the ship. I want to share some with people who may still be looking for an excursion. We are doing Wahaca Cooking, which is a three hour cooking class with restaurateur, Alfredo Ramirez. An ideal way to immerse yourself in Mexican cuisine and culture. In our hands-on classes you’ll learn the techniques to prepare ancestral delicacies that you can. This experience is more then preparing a meal, it is a must activity while in Huatulco for foodi
  14. Last week I posted about a cooking excursion called Wahaca Cooking. We are planning to do that. I also mentioned Rural Communities and Traditions through Princess that is our back up. There are some that I did not mention, that some may be interested in as well. I had contacted them before settling on the Wahaca Cooking. City & Sightseeing Tour. (w/ Arturo Martinez) 5 Hours $100pp for 2; $50pp for 4-10; $40pp for 10+ We visit some spectacular viewpoints for pictures, what we call the “backyard” of Huatulco; a place to see the elabor
  15. You did a helicopter to a glacier? Which one? We did as well at Knik River. We were going to stay in Anchorage our last night after driving from Healy just north of Denali. Then we saw a BOGO for a helicopter ride onto the glacier. We called they gave us a break if we stayed at their lodge and the BOGO. So we canceled the Comfort Inn in Anchorage. The copter stayed on the glacier for 45 minutes, but what a great experience !! We also took a plane right up to Denali, not just a fly by but maybe 10 miles straight on. It was fly out, see the mountain fly to Kantishnu and take the shuttl
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