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  1. True, but some people won't buy cheers because of port days. If people could use it on the island, more people might buy cheers. Nonetheless, I'm sure Carnival had already done sensitivity analysis on all these scenarios to what makes the most money.
  2. Yes it's covered under cheers, I would say the drinks are about $12. If you are looking to get your money worth, this is absolutely the place to go. The drinks are fresh, high quality, and something you would find off of a drink menu when out to dinner at home. Don't get me wrong, we grab drinks all across the ship, but in the evenings we always get at least 2 drinks here each night.
  3. Are these always offered on AARP? We're cruising 2020 and if like to wait till a bit closer to purchase, and stack with new credit card offers.
  4. Does boarding ever open at 1030? Our first and only cruise was FTTF, checked in at 1130, went straight through and they just opened the gangway.
  5. So the real perk of FTTF is boarding immediately? I could realistically not get it, have an 1130/12 check-in, but then have a bad zone to actually board? I wonder if zones are assigned in order of check-in? Which is why I raised the other point/question: if you are auto assigned the best check-in time with FTTF, buy it, get assigned earliest check in, then cancel it. Not saying I would do it, but it sounds plausible.
  6. We cruised 2017 work FTTF and were given 1130 check-in. I've been following along and deciding if we need it this time. Curious what happens if we buy it, get our check-in time, then cancel it?
  7. Assuming you as the buyer need to find the better deal and call in for the adjustment, they won't just credit you? Also, you also need to find the same room type or better at a cheaper price to get an adjustment?
  8. Do you know ahead of time that the drink package deal is running?
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