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  1. I am thrilled with the price I got! After my CruiseNext Certificates which were basically FREE (we invested $500 and got $1000 value... used 2 certificates on a cruise for January 2019 that we already had booked- and already had to pay for- and got $500 Free to put towards this cruise) our cruise balance is $1149... that's for 2 people in a Mini-Suite on the Epic- 7 night Western Mediterranean. One Sea Day. Hitting ports I have never been to. Yep- I am absolutely thrilled!
  2. Absolutely! Whatever fits your financial comfort zone!
  3. yeah... I have seen a lot of comments on message boards about glitches with their website... sounds like an investment in IT is needed at NCL...
  4. Oh yes! I have seen that! Now to just work a Disney Cruise into my budget!
  5. I am sorry you were treated this way... i get your point. I like the bottom line- out the door price. It is actually a marketing tool that cruiselines use to get people to spend more... if you don’t see the total at first... you don’t realize how much you are spending. “The drink package was just $59 per day”... “I got off the ship only spending $40!”... nevermind you already prepaid for excursions, dining, etc etc etc.. Bottom line is this- we have all decided to cruise. We know their tactics... and have chosen to just live with it... and pay it... but that doesn’t mean we can’t wish they would change their sales tactics for those of us who just want the bottom line.
  6. I need to start sailing PRINCESS!!! LMAO
  7. I agree! I actually did not start cruising until a few years ago because I didn't like being nickel and dimed... but then I realized I was missing out on some great places to visit. I traveled to all-inclusive resorts for 12 years and loved not having to worry about what was "extra". Just give me the bottom line price and don't try to reel me in with an amazing per person price. But I admit, I am one of the lucky ones: I don't get seasick- so stick me anywhere on the ship and I am fine. I am never in my room... so give me an inside cabin, obstructed view... makes no matter to me. Drinking? two beverages in and I am a mess... so no need for the drink package. For my "free at sea" options I choose the shore excursion credit (and I don't always use it in every port) and the dining package... a whopping $27.40 gratuity tacked on to my cruise. Oh yeah... and I don't gamble... so basically I am the cruise line's worst nightmare! I usually get off the ship paying gratuities... and spend maybe $50 extra.
  8. Good question. I have seen NCL offer some REALLY Good deals! I wish I had time next year to nab one of the Fly for free promos. I sailed Eastern Mediterranean in 2017 for $479pp for an interior 7 night... so the $499pp price listed on the Western Med just seemed like another awesome deal when I booked. in July 2017, I booked a 10 night Canary Island balcony for Jan 2018 for $1299pp... then NCL offered the Distinctive Voyages package- so I re-booked and ended up with pretty much all 5 Free at Sea offers (phone calls, internet, shore excursion credit, ala carte dining package, beverage package, airline credit, AND $100 a pre or post hotel stay. Not to mention $100 OBC from my TA... AND I was able to use 2 CruiseNext Certificates.
  9. yes- I had to call to book and have both applied. I believe you have to sail in a Balcony category or higher to apply 2 CruiseNext certificates.
  10. I am not sure- but from what I have gathered- the incorrect price was listed for a couple hours before it was changed. It is now listed correctly on the website.
  11. Yes- you can use 2 CruiseNext Certificates on Balcony category or higher. I had to call to apply them... online it only let me apply one.
  12. I paid $699 PP for the Mini Suite for the 7 night RT West Med Cruise leaving out of Barcelona. my total was $1649 after taxes and fees and I recvd two free at sea (I chose the dining and port credit). I had two CruiseNext Certificates to use- so my balance to pay in January 2020 is $1149. I believe the price listed on the website is now $1699pp for the mini-suite.
  13. NCL has come through with their customer service! They are honoring the original booking!!! woohoo!!!
  14. I got a call about an hour ago- they are honoring my price since they said I booked it and put my deposit down before the changes took affect. I told them I don't even see a 7 night sailing for that date (but there is a 3 day listed) and they told me it can be done as a 7 night Barcelona to Barcelona... as well as the overlapping Rome to Rome on the same ship.
  15. I found a great price on a 7 Night western Med cruise yesterday. Called NCL and booked it over the phone. Received my confirmation pretty much immediately... and then... two hours later I recvd a second confirmation with a significant increase in price. I called NCL- and after being on hold for nearly an hour I was told that "someone" incorrectly listed the cruise price on the website- and that "Revenue" will need to determine if they will honor the original price. I will receive a call within 48-72 hours with the verdict. To be clear- I read online where NCL can change the price if there was an incorrect listing... but what I am most upset about is that NCL did not reach out to me directly by phone or explain the change in the second email confirmation. From doing some quick research- I have learned this is the second time in about a week that this has happened with NCL- the first time was with an Alaskan cruise. If they do not honor the price- I will just cancel the booking, get my CruiseNext Certificates back, and wait for another deal to good to pass up... but in the meantime I am really concerned about how what is going on in their IT department... and even more concerned about them not proactively reaching out to me either through email or by phone before changing the price.
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