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  1. napper777

    Favorite cruise drinks

    Are the non-alcoholic beverages listed included in the Free At Sea beverage package? Some look really good and I've never heard of them so hoping to try!
  2. How far back can we obtain photos? Are they archived for a specific amount of time?
  3. napper777

    Flight out of LA

    Thank you! Ill plan on after noon as you suggested
  4. napper777

    Flight out of LA

    What's the earliest flight time I should consider out of LAX? Let's say I could be off cruise ship at about 8a or so. I'm not sure how long drive is from port but I usually like to get to airport 2 hours prior to flight time. Thanks for any thoughts!
  5. Looking for thoughts, advice, information, etc. on some NCL excursions I'm thinking about doing. Have looked elsewhere, on web, etc. but not finding enough to make a decision yet. 1 - Puerta Vallarta - "Tequila, Tiles, and Shopping" - anyone do this and have an opinion? I really want to do the Las Caletas Hideaway but it's not being offered on our April cruise for some reason (disappointed!). 2 - Matzalan - "Shrimp Fest" - we love the idea of fresh shrimp but it's costly (119$ each). Are there restaurants near port that sell fresh shrimp that'd be a better choice? "Stone Island Beach Getaway" - is this beach swimmable? I was a bit concerned that we'd be using some sort of cart tractor to be brought there. Is the food good? 3 - Cabo San Lucas - "Adults Only Beach Resort" - anyone know which resort that's used? We went to a resort experience several years back and it was a bad experience so hoping to avoid a repeat. thank you in advance!!
  6. napper777

    Free at Sea - menu options

    Thanks so much!!! All very helpful!
  7. I've tried to find an answer to the following questions on other threads to no avail. (big thank you to those who post menus as it's helped me make dining choices!) "Free at Sea" - are we allowed to choose more than one appetizer? (La Cucina and Los Lobos has so many). "Free at Sea" - can we go to the Brewhouse just for a drink at the bar using the promo? How about ordering in the restaurants? (Terms and Conditions makes it see like we can't order in restaurants but I swear my friends did it in the past). Any enlightenment on "surprises" (good or bad) on the Free at Sea dining (3 meal package) and/or the drink package would be appreciated!
  8. napper777

    Must-try cocktails

    I'm getting so excited now that I have these suggestions. Is the price limit $15?
  9. napper777

    Must-try cocktails

    Thanks so much for the ideas! I'm starting a list based on everyone's recommendations!!
  10. napper777

    Must-try cocktails

    It's our first time getting the "free at sea" beverage option. We are not big drinkers so looking for opinions on cocktails we should try. Any advice?
  11. I don't want to post this in the cabin information thread bc it indicates no questions allowed. I can't seem to search on that thread. I don't see a compilation of ships/cabin info. Help! I'm trying to get opinions re room 11409 on Bliss. Thanks in advance
  12. napper777

    NCL Beach excursions Jamaica

    I, too, was not impressed with Bamboo Beach Club. I was curious so looked them up online and it looks like Bamboo Blu and Shaw park have different addresses than Bamboo Beach Club. Both have reviews. I'm glad that perhaps NCL listened to our feedback!
  13. Been on both and you made the best choice. Hands down Getaway is our favorite although we haven't yet tried the Bliss. Getaway is a beautiful ship with lots to do for kids. You'll love her.
  14. napper777

    Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

    oops...just read children with OP....not so sure it's a kids' thing as they might get bored especially if they're ones that like waterparks, lots of activities, and are super active....
  15. napper777

    Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

    Here's another vote for Las Caletas Hideaway. We took it several years ago and til this day remember it as one of most favorite excursions (and we've been on many via 30 plus cruises). Terrific AMAZING food, friendly service, free drinks flowing, beautiful HEAVENLY scenery and funny entertainment on the boat ride back. I would do it again when I get back to PV and recommend it to everyone.