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  1. Another newbie to the site who has found lots of very valuable info here. I find the site easy to navigate (I use a computer) but as a new user (I think I joined just prior to some of the changes) I did not have any ingrained habits with the "old CC" that needed retraining. I am very grateful for all the info laid down by those who have been here for many years and can appreciate that it must take some getting used to if the format has changed ... but I hope that those who have been here prior to the changes will persevere and "enjoy cruising and exploring the new territory" and perhaps one day will find that the environment has once again become one where they feel comfortable.
  2. I agree ... that has been my most successful method so far ... and certainly a sign that it could be done better on the actual site if HAL would just set up a decent search option
  3. Thanks for that I will certainly do that if I have a very specific need ... meanwhile I just like exploring and finding out as much as I can ... research is a big part of the anticipation 😄
  4. Thanks for that ... yes I have found that but was thinking there might be more of true "search" option ... the type you normally get with the "magnifying glass" which will bring up all references related to a topic ... particularly if it is something not directly related to any FAQs ... I guess not 😉
  5. Still relatively new to using the HAL website ... and maybe I am missing something ... is there a "search" option ... not for finding cruises ... but for finding info that may not be in the "Know Before You Go" brochure? If there is I must have "selective sight" because I'm not seeing it.
  6. Likewise for Nieuw Statendam in May ... will keep checking I guess
  7. We love the flexibility of ATD ... we choose a time that suits us according to what we are doing on any given day. We generally choose to share a table and find that we then get to meet a variety of people ... some of whom we have later caught up with around the ship or for other meals (and occasionally some we are glad we have only had to spend one meal with and not a whole voyage ... especially as our cruises tend to be 14+ days 😉 ). If we are feeling like some "us time" or just not feeling particularly sociable that evening we ask for a table for two. As far as having the servers get to know our likes ... we both like variety so we don't really have a need for anybody to predict what we will want as chances are it would be different anyway. Even though I have an allergy I find it is no issue and they are well able to accommodate my needs by assigning me a head waiter who consults with me each evening as to what I would like to order for the next evening ... when we sit down and the server brings the menu all I need to do is let him know I have a pre-order and who my HW is ... it has always worked well for me. I think it is wonderful that the majority of Princess ships are able to offer the choice between ATD and TD as it seems obvious that both types of dining are popular.
  8. I'm in Australia ... wouldn't surprise me if what I see is different ... it seems we are treated as the oddballs in so many areas with Princess
  9. No upgrade is an option in my cruise personaliser still
  10. Yep I have also been told to stick to MDR (instead of the Buffet) ... but yes any seating in MDR works with an allergy ... and also the HW can assist on any evening you prefer to eat in one of the speciality restaurants too ... same deal.
  11. Hi Ombud ... I respect your right to choose whichever style of dining you want but just want to give a heads up that Anytime dining has a great system for dealing with passengers with allergies ... I get assigned a Head Waiter by the Maitre D' ... each night the HW brings me the menu for the next days lunch/dinner and I make my selections which are noted so they can be prepared according to my needs. When I arrive at the DR the next day and am assigned my table when the waiter brings the menus to the table I just tell him I have an allergy preorder ... he/she then makes contact with the HW and my safe meal is brought with the other meals ... at some point while I am dining the HW will then come to the table with the menus for the next day and the cycle begins again. HTH
  12. We are doing a 20 night cruise which can also be done as a b2b apparently so I emailed and this is the info I was sent. Of course it is always possible that what happens when we are onboard could be different "Thank you for contacting Captain's Circle. Please be advised that your cruise is considered as onephysical voyage and thus, will have one internet and mini-bar allocation. For any further queries, please feel free to contact us."
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