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  1. I've experienced these on Carnival cruises but not on Princess cruises. In fact I've never seen anyone off their face on a Princess cruise but then a gain we go to bed early and rise early. Maybe it happens late at night.


    Yes Princess is usually ok but during school holidays you seem to get a different type of cruise passenger

  2. I only had 20 taken. Other people went to every photo location and had many more photos done. As a solo traveller I was happy with the port pics, a few formal night pics and some with the fancy backgrounds to gift to my mum. A couple with their son went to every location and just about needed another suitcase for all of their included pics. The fine print? I never saw it online either but when I went to collect the first photos it was given to me to sign. I have it but wouldn't have a clue how to attach it on here.



    I think if the fine print is not there to see when you purchase the deal then they can't get you to sign it after, that would be false advertising, I will fight them on that



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  3. I got off the Golden this morning. Had the "all inclusive" package at the special price of $123 (purchased online in January). It did not include the embarkation/Melbourne sail away photos as they are sold as a seperate package, so not all that all inclusive but it is in the fine print that you don't get them. Ended up with about 20 photos which I thought was good value. The $199 package on board is only for 10 photos plus the 10 digital files.



    Where is the fine print? Looked and can't find anything.



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  4. No not open dining as I said would not have been worried about the mix-up as things happen but it was the staff attitude that surprised and upset me, first night we didn't even receive an apology. In fact when my daughter eventually asked to speak with the Maitre-D after some time waiting was rudely told by head waiter that is what the complaints process is about. I have never experienced this kind of attitude on over 40 previous cruises. Looks like a good crowd on board I am sure your brother-in-law will have a great time.



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  5. We just got off our short 2-nighter Sydney to Brisbane on Dawn Princess. Had a couple of issues, when we got to our assigned table on the first night (6 of us plus 1 year old) there were people sitting at the table, now I realise these hiccups happen but I didn't like the way we were treated. The head waiters acted as if we were at fault and that it was such an inconvenience finding us another table. We were made to stand around with a hungry baby for ages while they tried to sort it out, without an apology. Then finally found us a table and told we would have new table number sent to us for next night. So the next night we front up to our new table and yes same scenario people already sitting on it so the whole drama started again. Finally we were escorted to our original table where the people who were sitting there first night now seated at next table. Also son bought soft drink package and went to get his hot chocolate like normal and was told no you can no longer get them on package but when you buy it on line it still states you can. Also told that with coffee card you now have to use a punch to get hot chocolate.

    But on the positive side because it was the start of a 42 day cruise we got 500 minutes internet credit. And our baby is definitely going to be a cruiser she loved her first cruise.



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  6. We are doing the whole circle pacific cruise the ship offers a bus transfer to Universal Studios but it only gives you four and a half hours there and after spending a full day at Universal Studios Singapore I wanted to spend longer as we don't sail out until 10pm. But will have to rethink it. Thanks for your replies.



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  7. That is good, at the age of the child, I assumed the parents were travelling with you (or you were the official guardian) however, I thought I would put it out there just in case. Some people have been caught out as they didn't think it would be an issue. Enjoy your cruise and new cabin mate.:D

    Thanks for that. I know how funny they can get, when my grandson was about 15 he was booked into a cabin with my mother, sister and myself while his mother was in a different cabin. At first they cracked up about it until I said to them ' what do you think he is going to get up to with his grandmother, great-grandmother and great-aunt in the cabin. They saw sense, ridiculous.

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