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  1. Pretty sure you mean the main dining room. No carnival ship has “fine dining”. If the ship has a chef’s table that is about as close to fine dining as it gets, which is not saying much. LOL.
  2. Joe's Stone Crab, South Beach. Melt in your mouth crab.
  3. Giovanni's! I always try to go there at least once when on Oahu. Great that you get to spend some time there prior to your cruise. North shore area is the way to go. Enjoy your stops in the other islands. Each one is different.
  4. Any consideration of flying out of LAX nonstop? Looks like there are a few choices at reasonable prices. Some that get in to FLL at 6am. My main worry would be a missed connection, so direct flights are key. As other said, FLL is super close to the cruise terminal you could almost walk there. Other than the connection, I wouldn't worry too much. If there is a hurricane, you got other problems to begin with, and that could delay you even if you come in the day before.
  5. Check out reviews on the Hawaii forum. Good chance it will not be warm and you will have rocky seas. That's a ton of sea days to only spend a short amount of time in Hawaii. If you have never been to Hawaii, consider flying there and staying a week each on 2 separate islands or 5 days each on 3 islands. You'll experience so much more, and it will be warm.
  6. Yes. We waited just over 1 hour to be seated on one of the dress up nights. You'll get a pager.
  7. JVD is ok for snorkeling right of the beach. It is more of an adult playground though. People go there to party right off their sailboats.
  8. I can second JVD as an amazing place to hang out on a beautiful beach (White Bay Beach) to enjoy multiple beach bars and drink painkillers. Do some research first because JVD and Tortola were destroyed by hurricanes in 2017. The beach bars in JVD were literally wiped away. I know that some like Soggy Dollar are back up and running, so best to check ahead. On Tortola, there is a beautiful beach called Cane Garden Bay. It was hit hard as well. CGB will be overrun with cruisers, so if you are ok with that, then you'll be fine. Enjoy!
  9. Done this same itinerary before. Grand Turk - Some vendors and shops at the port, along with a nice beach that you can walk along. Plus, there is a Margaritaville. It's a Carnival port, meaning it is designed to keep you there so you don't venture too far out on your own. You'd need an excursion if you don't want spend all day at the beach, because there is not much else. La Romana - There are a few vendors and a craft shop at the port, along with a small bar & grill but that is it. I would not want to walk around outside the port area. Definitely, an excursion port.
  10. Seems like a no-brainer to go with Havana suites if you have the budget. Only caution is to pay attention to the location of the room you are picking if you worry about noise. If it is near the bar, public spaces, or above or below venues, etc.... I'd pick that Western itinerary too unless you only want to visit the cruise line's own ports.
  11. I saw several of them on my last Carnival cruise. They were ON the ship!
  12. Where did people go in the 70s and 80s to discuss their displeasure with people no longer dressing up to fly on a plane? All joking aside, wear what you want. Most people don't care, which is why you don't see everyone dressing up any more, and why Carnival does not enforce their own rules. I'll dress up a little, but in the end, I am on vacation and want to be comfortable. Besides, packing and dragging along a suit on the airplane is not something I want to do for vacation.
  13. Had burgers last month on the Splendor. As others have commented, burgers are ok but nothing special. The fries were awful though. No matter where they came from (grill or MDR) they never seemed fresh, and were not hot, and dried out. Almost like they had sat around a long time.
  14. We had a 5 year old that was allowed to go with a 6 year old into their area. This was 2 weeks ago. The Camp Ocean folks said they would allow it on a trial basis, and if the 5 year old did fine, then they could continue. They do make exceptions if you ask, but it seems to be up to their discretion.
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