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  1. You do nothing but prove you should follow my advice: Stay home.
  2. You didn't notice it's on a table on a Viking ship which every passenger needs to be vaccinated and gets tested every day? How much more serious could someone be taking it? Again, stay home.
  3. Unaware a vaccinated person put their mask on a table? If this is what you worry about, stay home. Don't cruise. Don't go anywhere.
  4. Or complain to them, not us, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Basically, they could do nothing more than the local governments want. Which, I think would be fair and likely less strenuous for Viking. If the local government says we need daily testing, not a problem. As long as I have the proper negative test to come home with, I'm happy.
  6. Well, most of us are probably paying with vouchers for monies paid to cancelled trips last year. I'm sure they will do the right thing when it comes to vouchers. EDIT: The "us" means those of us traveling now, not necessarily on July 10.
  7. And, I bet all the passengers arrive home to an envelope from Viking with a voucher and an apology letter.
  8. Funny, as I was packing extra meds this morning. And, considering bringing my laptop so I can work from there if I need to for any extra time "just in case".
  9. I was also on a cruise where things didn't go... as planned to say the least... and Viking stepped up to the plate to make sure people were happy. For me, Viking has always seemed to do the right thing. I'm more worried about United cancelling my flights (again)!
  10. "Welcome back... kind of. In a way. Possibly from a distance off shore.."
  11. Agree. Or, should have stopped selling more rooms after the case in Bermuda. Or, have a had a more clear idea/agreement with Iceland of what do if/when you get a single positive test of an asymptomatic vaccinated individual not to ruin it for everyone else. At least in Bermuda, it didn't change anything for us in a negative way.
  12. On board, at least the first few days, I try to wear nice shorts and a polo/button down shirt. But, after a few days I'm usually in a t-shirt (it IS vacation, after all). Dinner, I wear slacks and button down/polo. My girlfriend is usually in a sundress, or similar. I see people much more dressed up, but most seem to be what I'd call "business casual" at the restaurants and the evening shows. We're on vacation. Be comfortable 🙂
  13. I was on the Bermuda cruise, now he'll be on my Iceland cruise? I'll make sure to tell him to follow the rules. In Bermuda, it didn't effect us. Seems like in Iceland they were stuck on board and pulled anchor... so if I see him, I'll make sure to remind him to follow the rules.
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