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  1. We are booked for this Saturday 16th aboard the Legend , I have just discovered that tropical cyclone "Oma" is right over Vanuatu and then set to slam into New Caledonia, and then hang around the area for about ten days, the Legend will be sailing right into this damn cyclone, so I am very seriously considering cancelling our cruise , I've sailed in 6 metre seas and was very unwell , who knows what this damn cyclone will throw up.
  2. I had a very close look at Caribbean cruises last year , lots of pros and cons from Australia, they are very cheap cruises but short, you should probably look at doing a back to back , and stay a few extra days after the cruise to rest up for the flight home or stop in Hawaii.
  3. Hi Thanks for reply so quick, I have googled social media group Cruise PNG but got 600,000 hits could you give me a clue thanks. Well on Kitava and Kiriwina I gave out heaps of pens, pencils, tennis balls, fish hooks and sand paper to the kids and carvers and fisher men. And a bunch of books to schools, I met an elderly gentleman on Kirawina who claimed his group tried to help everybody, so I have his address and have sent him a few things, just hope he is fair dinkum.. One thing the natives have to understand is not to pester the cruisers when we are on the beach just looking for a bit of private time, the same people just kept pestering us to buy stuff. I even tried to pay them to leave us alone, I tried very hard to be polite , but they just would not leave us alone. I was considering doing another cruise to PNG, but the pestering really bothered me
  4. exkiap you seem to know a bit about the reselling of our donations, what else can you tell us, as I would be most ANNOYED if that was the case
  5. If you are going to pay in Aussie dollars take SMALL notes, one bloke was trying to exchange a $50 note for Kina. The 2 small islands that most of the cruise ships visit are Kitava and Kiriwina they seem much more remote and have more trouble changing Aussie dollars to Kina. The Conflict Islands insist you use their token system to buy anything , and they set their own exchange rate and they DONT buy back their tokens you gotta spend it all And P&O do not buy back Kina
  6. Ended up getting to the Bank in Alotau, once we got past the security guards and high metal fences and locked and guarded doors, changed my 200 Kina for smaller notes, Missus changed Aussie dollars and got a great exchange rate. I ended up giving away all my Kina to the school kids and a few pests on the beaches that stalk the cruise passengers . Local money exchangers came on board but the line was so long we went to the Bank. And PNG Customs made us fill out a declaration on all the things we were giving to the school kids like pens and pencils and the exact number of each, jeez.
  7. Dawn one more question, how did you find the toilets on these PNG islands , thanks
  8. If you are going this is going to read https://www.5losttogether.com/papua-new-guinea-cruise-tips-ports/
  9. Bought another 100 Kina today, gee things change quick, cost me $50.35. Buy back $31.35, still a big margin
  10. On the Pacific Explorer there was a pretty decent choice each night, PLUS an Aussie section, PLUS pay section (prawns etc) Pick what you want from the 3 included restaurants, then /or, if you want more pig out in the pantry . You can have a full breakfast, full lunch and dinner in the waterfront, we gained some weight on last cruz, just going for walk right now
  11. You should enjoy the Aria, been on her a few times, 4 in a cabin could be a squeeze, ok when you are young 😀, if you buy any booze it can be busy to collect, usually good crew, good food. you can load your cruise card with cash or credit card, buy your self a lanyard before the cruz. enjoy
  12. Thanks Dawn for reply, good to hear about the mozzies I got a ripper mozzie bite 3 weeks ago cruzin in Tonga, bit the only spot that had no spray, but so far no effects. I have bought some sand paper , fish hooks and pens pencils etc, and some more Kina, will try and get to the schools to distribute the pens etc, thanks for your blog has lots of good info, cheers.
  13. Also you mentioned in your blog that school supplies (books, stationary, pens, pencils, texters, etc). ; shoe polish and sandpaper , Fish hooks and clothes,. Sports equipment like balls . How did you choose to give these to and how did you give them out ? thanks
  14. Got a $100 Kina note from local shopping centre , cost AUS $53.00, that will be enough to give to the school kids, asked about the the buy back price, 100 Kina was only AUS $33.00, not a bad profit for them, but I will give it all to the kids.
  15. Try to hire a car its about 105 Km's, minimum 1.5 hrs drive, take a car GPS, keep in mind LPG is hard to get, Port Arthur is a big place, its also hilly but you can get around most areas in a few hours, you may even see the Lady in blue.
  16. On our April 2018 cruz this year on Aria, a glass of Bundy rum and coke in a tall glass was $8.50, on Pacific Explorer over the last 16 days , a glass of Bundy and coke was $9.00, cocktails start at $12 , a can of VB was about $6.00 I think.
  17. Sydney, Yesterday (Saturday) after 16 days on Pacific Explorer, we were finally taxiing out to take off on a late Jetstar flight at about 0440PM and looking out the window there was somebody's bag laying on the tarmac , I guess the location would have been the corner at gate 61 at terminal 1, it looked to be a soft black suitcase with white tags, where it was laying it looked doomed to be run over by a big truck, any wonder bags fall off those little trolley cars , given the high speed they fly around the airport, so somebody would not be happy to loose a bag.
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