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  1. Ok, maybe that's what I missing. I haven't rec'd a refund for that yet. I will feel much better about it. Thank you for the information.
  2. Be careful when considering taking the FCC. I paid in full $3001 for an August cruise. I assumed that my FCC would be $3751 since 3001*1.25 is 3751. However, only the fare is credited, gratuities and taxes are excluded. My FCC is $3050, I came out $50 ahead. Shame on me for not reading the fine print, shame on RCC for making this sound like a good deal.
  3. First time we didnt either. Had a chance to talk to them both 1:1 on later cruises and found them to be quite genuine.
  4. BND is right. They dont close traffic to allow ships to pass. They have been doing a lot of construction on the bridge over the past 1-2 years, I suspect they may have paused traffic to adjust lanes or something.
  5. Agree, very nice crew, and John & Katrina are really good at their job. Hoping we can see them 1 more time 🙂
  6. Erika- Was the CD John & Wife Katrina? We've had them on several Grandeur cruises and really came around to liking them very much.
  7. We live in Baltimore and have sailed on Lady G several times. Yeah, she's aged, but there is something special about her. We always do a JS, always get double points. We've got one last trip planned on her in Jan '21. Fingers crossed that we'll be able to sail.
  8. I've been to both and love both of them. I'd say 51% Coco simply because of the recent upgrades, but you really cant go wrong at either location. Labadee feels more island-ish to me, Coco could be in FL, TX, etc. As in a previous post, I'd take either right now.
  9. Well done! (hot dog bun, Atilla the hun, my sister in law is an Irish Nun)
  10. As long as that topless lady has something up her sleeve!!
  11. Im on the 8/6 cruise too. 10 days ago I would have said 0% chance this goes. Today, I'm at 25%. Fingers and toes crossed.
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