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  1. On March 24th I received the email about requesting refund and the link to the form. I filled out form for our 4/11 cruise for my self and the couple traveling with us. She received her refund in full May 1st. I received partial refund May 5 and remaining refund today 5/7. I knew mine would take longer because it was being credited back to a closed debit card. Our cruise planner purchases took a few days longer than theirs even though it was done at the same time. I do feel better about Royal Caribbean now and even looked at booking next year but can not find the deal we had on our canceled cruise so I will probably go back to Carnival. By the way, we have relatives that were booked on Carnival cruise the same week as our cruise, they received their money back in three days of it being canceled. Just something to think about.
  2. I had to deactivate my debit card and get new one due to someone trying to use it on internet purchase. I called my bank and they told me it may take a few days longer but it would go back into my account. My beverage package $ took two days longer than friends did but it posted.
  3. I thought FCC could not be used as deposit, so that would not cover an entire cruise even if it was the same sale. Please correct me if I am wrong. This would have been our first RC cruise.
  4. Exactly why I want my money back, so I can use it for next cruise my way not theirs.
  5. My cousin uses this site in TN https://www.acespirits.com/full-case-deals.html#respMenu
  6. We in Louisiana can buy whatever we drink from any store( grocery store, pharmacies, Doller Stores, gas stations). I have never been to a liquor store. I need my glass of wine or Titos and diet Sprite.
  7. Louisiana is now on "stay home" from March 23 5pm through April 12th. I wish Royal would just cancel, So I can get my money back in case its needed to pay bills. I will return to cruising when this is all over.
  8. I will be cruising on 4/11 in the same way. Got to keep things in perspective. Thank you so much for your post.
  9. I wonder how different it would be for us. We are hopefully on Majesty in April. There are no specialty restaurants.
  10. Thank you, I enjoyed her video. I truly believe in service dogs. There are people who truly need their service animal. Its ashame some people exploit this concept. At our school we have a child with a service animal. It makes a world of difference for the child and all the other children to understand his disability.
  11. Where do they do their business? That's really my only concern. Service dogs are usually better behaved than most children. Sometimes cleaner too. Would rather sit next to service dog than most children. I love kids, I am a teacher, but don't want to go into teacher mode on vacation. To those of you who parent your children, I am not talking about your child.
  12. We are new to Royal and have done several on Carnival. On one of our 7 day cruises, on the first night we encountered a man wearing a flamingo suite. We spoke to the guy for a few minutes enquring about the suite. We thought he was a bit tipsy but could still hold a conversation. We all went to the bar together and ordered drinks. When the bar tender told him he had hit the 15 drink limit he started cursing and threatening the small female bar tender. At that point my husband went to other side of the bar to get her some help from another male bartender. We called security because we were concerned about how far he was going to take things and security came, but he got even worse and they cuffed him and took him out of bar. Later that night we were asked by management for written statements and told that he had lost drinking privileges for 72 hours even though he paid for drink package. So, there are things that can be done and flags are used, but I guess it has to be extreme behavior for it to happen. Fortunately we did not see him again.
  13. We will be sailing in April on Majesty. Could you post daily schedule of activities?
  14. If I purchase a couples massage precruise, will I be charged again after service. This has happened on CC. Then I have to go to guest relations and get it removed. Also does anyone know if it really is cheaper precruise or basically the same as om board? Is thete anything else about couple massages I need to be aware of? Thanks for any information. 62 days and counting
  15. We have seen the prices drop on Majesty, we called and asked for the best price upgrade because the price went down since final payment and we were very happy to pay the $30 difference.
  16. Do you have to buy internet package if you use Wi-Fi calling on ships free wifi?
  17. Thank you for the information. So as long as I activate WIFI Calling on all our phones before leaving for ship, we will be able to text each other once on ship?
  18. I am sorry but I got confused with the answers. Carnival has a text each other feature in its app for $5 per device for duration of cruise. Does Royal have something similar that lets people on board communicate with out internet purchase?
  19. We are also on Majesty but 4/11. We used barcode reader on app and saw our room assignment. We called Royal because prices for spacious Ocean view had drop to nearly what we paid for OV guaranty. We got the up grade for $30 total .
  20. I thought so too. The description says it's a lunch, so I am hoping the planner will update closer to cruise.
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