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  1. I was on a cruise once where a gentleman drank too much and decided to vomit over the edge of the ship, and fell off the ship, into the ocean. He wasn't discovered missing until the next day, mid morning, when his friends couldn't find him. He was lost at sea. We were docked in St. Thomas until 11 pm so the ship could work with the FBI, etc. One would think that every cruise ship would have a clause that stated that they reserved the right to stop serving someone whim is inebriated.
  2. Sailing soon on the liberty, saw: Royal Caribbean allows its passengers to bring up to two bottles of wine per statertoom onboard their cruise on embarkation day. It seems that they are assuming 2 adults per stateroom, but this is worder to be 2 bottles per stateroom. We have 2 rooms. Each room has 1 adult and one child in it. Technically we can bring 4 bottles. Has anyone ever run into trouble embarking with 2 bottles for one room when there is only ONE adult in the room? TIA!
  3. Im contemplating purchasing discounted arcade cards for my kids. Does anyone have any knowledge/opinions on if the arcade on Liberty is worth it? Is it worth a $25? or $50? or $100 card? Thanks!
  4. I seem to recall that, back before tipping was a one pot situation, it was $9 per person, per day, so we decided to go with that.
  5. we have decided not to do MDR dining at all. in truth, once we make it to 7pm, I'm betting we will have eaten enough thru the day to not be hungry. If we do the MDR dining we feel that will obligate us to eat late and we really dont need the extra calories. We're not tipping the MDR waitstaff because of this. If we do room service we will tip if I could tip cash on the table at the windjammer, i would but that wouldnt get distributed to everyone who contributed. I'm completely fine with these decisions, so feel free to argue about it if you want to, I w
  6. Not that I need to justify anything but, we are giving $9 per person, per day cash to our room steward. I already have the cash in an envelope for he or she.
  7. Thanks. We were thinking $9 pp per day for the stateroom attendant, so that's almost in line
  8. Thanks Well, let's hope ppl actually READ what i posted. if we eat in the dining room we are prepared to tip for those nights. I've cruised long enough not to worry if ppl tell me it's my job to fully tip regardless of if I eat there or not. @Biker19, you dont know if I can have guest relations tip for 2,3,4 days, do you? and/or if I should just leave an envelope of cash at the table every night we do eat there?
  9. we are going to skip having an assigned dining time. we are contemplating doing anytime dining, but we may never actually eat in the dining room If we do anytime dining can we decline gratuities? If we do anytime dining and decline the gratuities, but do eat in the dining room, is there a way to add tips on at the end of the cruise? If we add tips at the end of the cruise, can we only add the amount for the number of nights we ate in the dining room? or is it an all or nothing tipping situation? Can we/should we just leave the tip at every meal we do eat in
  10. I can only find documentation that it works on Anthem and Ovation 😞 Need it for Liberty.
  11. Apologies about asking this again, as I am sure it has been asked but im having difficulty figuring out how to perform a narrow search in the RCCL forum. Question - We will be departing with our 11 and 13 y.o. in march. I know they will want to explore the ship and would like to be able to phone/call them (facebook, whatsapp, google voice etc) when they are not with us. Which internet package will be sufficient to do that? Voom Surf? or do we have to upgrade to Voom surf and stream? Also, does anyone have suggestions as to when abouts package prices
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