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  1. Thank you! I'm sure we will....its all what you make of it 😊
  2. Thank you! I'm very glad we are able to still go on a cruise.
  3. Thank you!! It was a great review.
  4. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda glad ours was cancelled! I did not want to make that decision to get on a broken ship or not...haha.I'm very disappointed we wont get to try Vista right now, especially after all the research I did on it, but now is not the time I guess.
  5. Good, I'm so glad you found another cruise to take. I hope you enjoy it!!
  6. We are going on the Glory in a few weeks. We just booked on it since our Vista cruise was cancelled. I was on Glory before (for our 1st cruise), but has been about 6 years. Since you just got off of it can you tell me if they had the 80's party & the White Party? I know some of them do, but don't know if they all do? Also, Do you know what night were Elegant nights? How was the CD? Which itinerary did you follow? Glad to hear you had a great time!
  7. So we were the July 20th sailing on Vista that got cancelled, Was disappointed after so much planning, but it is what it is. I was able to get on the Glory the next day out of New Orleans, so I'm pretty excited. But now I'm back to planning stages. Wondering if anyone who has recently been on Glory and has the "Fun Times". I just want to see Elegant Nights, if the do the "White Party" & "80's Party", and a few other things that caught my eye on Vista schedule. Also, anyone have reviews on the CD, Dustin & Piano Bar player? Also reviews on the Steakhouse?
  8. That is more updated than the one I saw....Thank you!
  9. I was looking at the Cruise Director schedule, hoping Matt was going to be on our cruise on the Vista this summer. Well, unfortunately he signs off the day we embark, July 20, 2019. I have heard such great things about him, I was really looking forward to it. Does anyone have any insight as to whom may be taking over at that point?
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