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  1. Hi, So what you're reporting is that it two roughly two months from filing a dispute to it becoming permanent. I also have a dispute filed with Citibank, they have asked for information which I provided. I filed on May 2, so based on what you write, I should be prepared to wait about two months.
  2. I was asked by my cc company to submit any correspondence I had showing I had made a reasonable effort to get my refund. Boy, did I have emails, begging and pleading for even a response from HAL. I think the CC company wants to know that you tried to get the vendor to make the refund. I expect that HAL will not respond to any of our disputes and the provisional refund will become permanent within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. I filed a dispute with cc company. I do not think cc companies will be hoodwinked by this incremental refund nonsense. We are entitled to 100% back of what we paid, and this is what CC company will recover for us. All the cc Company does, is remove the funds from the vendor account in this case HAL.
  4. The cc company issues a provisional credit then contact the vendor (HAL) and asks them to state whether the service was delivered. The vendor has 45 days to respond to cc company, after that the cc company issues a non-provisional credit. The cc company literally removes the money from the account of the vendor. When I initiated my cc dispute they told me they were being swamped with disputes against cruise ship companies.
  5. I have not received a single communication from HAL. This is why I filed a dispute with cc company. I immediately received full provisional credit. HAL has 45 days to dispute, but they have nothing to dispute because they are trying to keep our money. Best route for everyone is cc dispute.
  6. Nope, not a penny, not a single communication. And I have Platinum insurance. I am way over 60 days since I cancelled. HAL has totally lost my trust, and I have filed a dispute with the credit card company. I received provisional credit in 48 hours and I expect the dispute to be resolved in my favor (naturally), in a reasonable amount of time. Good luck to those of you who believe in unicorns, what HAL is saying is utter BS. File a dispute.
  7. Thanks for this, I will certainly listen to it and register.
  8. If you love Holland America as much as most of us do. Then, it seems to me, that you may agree that HAL needs new leadership at the top. Mr. Ashford has mishandled this crisis in the most deplorable way possible. Silence. I have not received a single email or any communication from HAL since cancelling my B2B cruise on March 9! The only communication I have had are rote form emails (which I have seen all over the internet sent to others), responding to my pleas for information, that they cannot commit to anything in terms of our refunds. This is not how a skilled lea
  9. Nothing, not even a single email. HAL needs to replace Mr. Ashford immediately. They are going to lose all their loyal customers after this corporate malfeasance!
  10. Sadly, I think you may be correct. And I really loved HAL. They have a fortune of my money for over 60 days now. They have been silent, absolutely silent. I have not received a single communication from them, other than form emails responding to my pleas for our money back. This is textbook case of what NOT to do in a crisis. Mr. Ashford needs to be replaced.
  11. I also have platinum insurance from HAL, I am waiting more than 60 days. Shame on HAL. The only option now is to file a dispute with cc company.
  12. Just initiate it. Let the cc company tell you it is too late. I doubt that will happen becuase when I called my cc Compnay, they told me they are being inundated with cruise refunds.
  13. It appears from reading CC that almost no one has received a refund from HAL. This is very disturbing. Can those of you who have filed a dispute with your credit card company let us know if you've been successful? I assume HAL would not dare contest a bona fide dispute. I think a dispute is the only way we will get our long overdue refunds. Does anyone know if there is a time limit? I've read you have 120 days from the date the charge appears on your statement. I've also read that HAL has little incentive to refund our money because the ships won't be sailing anytim
  14. This is what everyone will need to do, and it will be quite harmful for HAL, based on what I'm reading. If a merchant gets a blizzard of charge backs, the cc company may not continue with that merchant.
  15. I am disputing with cc compnay. You get provisional refund within days. There may be a 120 day deadline, so folks ought to do this sooner rather than later. I agree the silence is what is most unnerving. It's a text book case of how a corporation should NOT react to a crisis. Shame on HAL.
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