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  1. I am very Happy that a couple of my posts were DELETED (thank you...Cruise Critics) I just want to say I and my husband are close to 70 years old now ..... We certainly do not make a spectacle of ourselves ....GROSS ...70 year olds ONLY DO IT IN THE VERY VERY PRIVATE.... We are well aware of "Friends of Dorothy" we have been on 13 cruises....sadly the last one was 2005 ... we did 5 Cruises with a Gay GRoup ....and it was wonderful BACK THEN .... High energy and great DJ and entertainment .....was saddened by a condescending post ... oh well .... but am so delighted in what people have s
  2. WOW.... thank you all .... we have been together 38 years ....TWO MEN ..only us 38 years and NO ONE CAN TELL ME ....we were not GOD BLESSED.....we will DANCE.... yes we will dance
  3. what a wonderful answer ....thank you
  4. Is this a problem if two men slow dance together?
  5. I have a couple questions .... I saw the PACKAGE available for" Bon Voyage" which was a little expensive, and balloons not wanted .... Does anyone know how much a standard bottle of champagne in the room when you broad costs?... I also saw I could bring the bottle in my bags...but actually would like it as a surprise in the room and I am also going to order flowers ...... the other question I have ..... has been 12 years since doing a cruise and on this one we have PRE-PAID GRATUITIES .... but we also have a Cabana for the week and I am sure that is not covered ..... what is average tip for c
  6. CruiserBruce & Yadalicious.... Thank You for answering my questions....I did think of one more... Is there an electrical outlet? wanted to plug in my laptop...... I think this will be great...we are doing this cruise to relax, we are probably only to leave the ship in one port, Puerto Plata.
  7. We had our first shot January 6 and they called a couple ours ago and we will get our second shot February 3... We live in Lee County Florida... They have everything up at the old airport and is very well organized .... We will be happy to have that behind us and pray they will be effective..
  8. We booked a LIDO Cabana in the middle "Cannes" ...This will be a first for us. Has been about 12 years since we were on a cruise, I do not think many ships had them then. They do look like something special.... Curious is that a full glass (or plexiglass) wall in back? Does it open? Read above can be a little stuffy ... lack of air-flow .... Also had another question. Our cruise has pre-paid gratuities (not sure if that would cover this... what is a proper tip for the cabana? thank you
  9. GREETINGS!! and welcome .... I am Dan and my Husband is Garry... we are seniors This will be our 14th cruise, 2nd on HAL.... We liked the ports, but will probably only get off the ship in two. We mostly wanted to totally relax and enjoy the food. We did rent a Poolside Cabana for the week to have extra pampering ....that will be extra nice... hope more will be joining soon!
  10. Greetings .... My Husband and I are booked on this Caribbean Cruise ...REALLY looking forward to getting away after being house-bound for so long....anyone joining us?
  11. We are now booked on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam December 4, 2021 out of Fort Lauderdale .... 7 nights Caribbean,,, this will be our first cruise this 2006 and our 14th cruise (see what happens after 13!) Our stops are Key West, Grand Turk, Dom. Rep. & private island Half Moon Cay ... Picked a cruise where we have been to the ports, as we plan on staying on the ship most of the time... so we also rented a Private Lido Cabana on the ship..... we live in Florida and have spent a lot of time in Key West,,, We figure a year out and we will hopefully be back to simi-normal.
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