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  1. Ok, cool. One less thing to worry about before we go. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thanks! So that is why people talk about getting tickets for €5, while all I find are tickets for €20. SNCF doesn’t seem to have tickets published yet, and would rather get tickets that are refundable/ usable on later departures in case it takes us awhile to get to Cannes. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Planning to travel from Cannes to Monte Carlo by train for a few hours on 26 July 2018. Have checked the train schedule, and gotten prices for tickets. These are non-refundable, and therefore we are thinking of buying our tickets when we get there (via an app). My question is, can we save some money by buying the ticket in advance? If so, how far in advance. Have tried to check for information online, but the English sites do not seem to have this information, and my French is lacking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Will sail 12 nights on Vision from Barcelona to Greece and back this July.
  5. Royal Caribbean chartered the Vision of the Seas on or around 7 June. Was booked on that cruise and was RCI canceled on us as the ship was chartered out.
  6. I m having problems logging into cruise planner, and I do not sail until July. Sometimes it logs me into cruise planner and other times I get the error message no booking found...
  7. My wife and I look forward to dressing up for dinner on our cruise. I also enjoy dining with other people that have dressed up for dinner. There are (were) cruise lines that catered to the different tastes. For me, it is a problem that more cruise lines are not enforcing the dress code. I think that there should be a clear dress code for each cruise line, these should be enforced and people can choose accordingly. The fact that cruise lines are being vague about the standards are partially to blame for this discussion. If you do not want to dress up, choose your cruise line accordingly. I am looking forward to Formal Night and wearing my tuxedo and various bow ties/ cumberbund combos, dressing in a nice suit with a dress shirt with french cuffs and cufflinks for a few nights and a bit more casually. I will not judge you for dressing differently, but please don't judge me for wanting to dress up and eat with like-minded travelers. I am an American who has lived in Europe for over 20 years - and perhaps I have been influenced by the culture here - where it is more common to dress casually for work and dress up for going over to a friends house for dinner (people still bring flowers or a bottle of wine for the hosts as a thank you for the evening.) My MIL still dresses up to go shopping at the grocery store. It is a part of the culture. I understand that some wear suits all year, and want to relax. No problem. Wear what you want. But, I would be offended if I invited you over for dinner and you showed up dressed casually, and so I will choose to eat with people that dress accordingly. Please give me the same grace that you ask for, it is my vacation - I should enjoy it as I desire, and tha means dressing up and making a night of it. Thanks for allowing my that grace.
  8. We have factored in the 2 bottles, and while not big drinkers would like to enjoy ourselves, with all types of drinks throughout the day. Would be great to see an actual price list. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. So, I guess it was bad luck on our part. First and possibly only time with RCCL.
  10. We are now departing late July, and heat is an issue. Plus, we had our dream cabin on our June sailing, and were left with slim pickings when we were informed of our cancellation. Not to mention the significant price increase. First and foremost, I would like a more customer minded attitude.
  11. We were booked on the June sailing of VOTS, and had our booking canceled as well. We, fortunately, had not booked flights or hotels - but the dates of the cruise we were offered discounts for were not at times we could sail. I will wait until after our cruise in July to decide whether we will sail with RCI again or not. I seriously considered canceling and moving to another cruise line. I have found RCI to be unfriendly, and little understanding of how the changes affect customers - and seriously lacking in the area of compensation.
  12. Also wondering about prices for red wine by the glass, or if I should get the drink package.
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