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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking. But people always gotta have something to complain about...
  2. Months ago, (a month or so into the cruising halt) they said the first to go back were those who had been at home the longest. Most recently they made it clear it would be those who have extensive knowledge/experience of that ship/class of ship, and whose required documents are still in date, who come from a country where they easily travel to the ship from and who can follow the new health protocols.
  3. The question was who gets paid 365 days a year , even if they're not onbaord. Captains get paid all year, even when they're home. The majority of crew only get paid when working.
  4. Many have a fixed salary when onboard. Those who get it when not onbaord I think (but could be completely wrong) are the the steering committee, those with no one else above them (with the exception of the captain who is above everyone), eg (but not 100%). Captain, staff captain, HD, chief safety, and maybe doctors. People like the cruise director, chefs, GSM still have someone above them they report to. Even then, carnival recently got rid of many of those positions that were still being paid while at home, so who knows how long/if they are still getting 100% o
  5. Just curious, why would it take a month to train crew? When you first join and you're brand new, all that training (fire safety, crowd management, evacuation, drills wet and dry, usph, environmental, plus on the job training, etc.) takes less than a week (and not all day every day) and that's with guests onboard.... Would they really need 3 weeks of Corona virus training?
  6. The majority of those 'terminated' were officers 4 stripe and above, they were still getting 50% of their wage even though they weren't on contract.
  7. Disney has a lot of first time cruisers, a lot of which have probably been put off cruising for now. A lot of guests do a land and sea package, and most land packages aren't happening right right now. Disney also had an insane premium to just have a mouse onboard, and I think a lot of (even their dedicated) cruisers have realised that if they implement the same restrictions as in the parks, they're just getting a standard cruise: no meet and greets, no shows, no dance parties, no movie theater, no fireworks, reduced dining, questions around the kids club.
  8. I don't necessarily feel they're stringing me along, (it's not like they decided to take a 1 month break and forgot to get back at it) it wouldn't be the end of the world for me if I didn't go back and I'm lucky that I have support at home, but I do feel sorry for a lot of crew out there. We get regular emails and occasionally there can be some wording that might insinuate something is about the happen, and there's a few desperate crew out there who hear what they want to hear and believe they'll be back onboard within the month.
  9. Maybe I should also add, I'm friends with 3 (as in real life friends, not a guest/crew fb friend) guys in F&B who were offered a contract to go back over the last few months, and only one actually made it onboard, because flights/travel/open boarders/boarding the ship just didn't align and work out. However, I have also heard of a GSO who's been offered a contract, and I would have thought those guys would have come well below F&B and housekeeping.
  10. Don't want to kill the vibe, but bartenders have been going back throughout the shut down, someone's gotta man the OB. I come under entertainment, I've had emails telling me to make sure my documents are uploaded and ready to go, they make no indication they'll be needed soon, just they know who has everything in date as the longer it goes on, the less will have those and it makes their job easier when they get the go ahead.....oh and to keep us waiting for them by making us think something is 'about' to happen so they have experience crew to go back.
  11. There are crew going back quite regularly. They're just not going back to serve guests...
  12. Nope, apart from 'winning' at numbers. And our local hospital trusts and local news have never reported any deaths as 'from' covid. They've always said 'with' covid or after testing positive. But some people still have to find something to be dramatic about, especially in lockdown haha!
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