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  1. Another tip is to be careful when getting change. Some times they'll give you change in local currency and if your not familiar with the local currency they may be short changing you. I think it's Roatan if I'm not mistaken that will not take any crumpled or torn bills.
  2. Looking the AT&T coverage map you should be good.
  3. We take you to an exclusive behind the scenes look into the RCCL I.T. Department.
  4. Yep your right there it is. I didn't zoom in far enough on the first one to see it. Shame about the view though, that would be awesome.
  5. Sorry no. Would be nice if they had a roof top bar or something, but your only a few blocks away from the pier.
  6. It's located at the corner of 25th Street and Strand Street Just across Harborside Dr from the terminals. Strand Street or better know as the Strand is the major street there in Galveston with lots of shops and restaurants. It's a short 5 min walk from the cruise terminals to the Cruise Stop. You can search for their FB page as they currently do not have a website set up.
  7. Would love to do a NatGeo cruise with Lindblad one day if I could. I know its not one of the mainstream cruise lines but they do offer unique destinations.
  8. From a review from May last year. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=621768 6707 And a previous thread regarding the obstructed cabins.
  9. Being mobility challenged myself I don't see a dedicated elevator being a solution. Just imagine the line of people with wheelchairs and scooters along with those with walkers, rollators and canes along with their companions waiting for that one elevator. Imagine what would happen if one or more of these people that are lined up waiting decided to get on one of the other elevators. In my opinion (for what that's worth) the problem boils down to people and their lack of understanding on the proper etiquette for elevators. I'm betting the majority of those who force their way in front of people and the other rude behavior mentioned here don't deal with elevators on a regular basis so have no idea that they're acting improperly. Of course in today's me first society you'll always have those that believe their time is more valuable then yours and they should be first. This goes both ways for able bodied along with those who require the assistance of a mobility device. What I've learned in my limited cruise experience is, Boarding day. Don't head for the first set of elevators as you walk on to the ship. Instead go to the second set either aft or forward. Plan accordingly if you suspect a crowd. If you know there will be a crowd at the elevators right after the show lets out, kick back and relax, have another drink and wait a bit before heading out to let the crowd thin out a bit. If you come to a bank of elevators and you see everyone waiting to go up, hit the down button. Get on go down one deck then press the button to your desired deck. Or visa versa. I've done this many times and love the look of the faces of those waiting on the original deck as they see me in the elevator by myself (priceless). Jim.
  10. Rereading the OP's post's and I'm not seeing anywhere where they stated that they were specifically told by the TA that they were being charged a "change fee" just that they were being charged an additional $600.00.
  11. I may be mistaken but isn't the deposit for a two bedroom suite more that a JS?
  12. Room service? Enjoy a relaxed dinner on you balcony while watching the sites sail by.
  13. Also a lot of the places that you go to on the beach may have lockers for rent. If you know which excursion you will be taking you can check if they have a website with the information. 👍
  14. Looking at the deck plans cabin 6650 is just aft of the mens room on deck 5 so I don't think you would get much noise coming up from the R Bar. You'll actually be closer to the entrance to the main dinning room on deck 5 then you will the R Bar. On the deck plans Look at the location of the cabin in relation to the stairs then look at that same position on deck 5. The blue box is the approximate location of cabin 6650 in relation to deck 5. Cabin 7668 is a little further back from the stairs and elevator then 6650 is. If it were me and I had to make a choice between only those two cabins, personally I would go with 7668. Jim.
  15. Carnival calls their daily schedule "Fun Times" which as mentioned will be delivered to your cabin each day. For an example of what is included in the Fun Times here is a thread from the Vista for a 7 night out of Galveston.
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