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    We flew in that morning and got to the terminal around 12, after running some last minute errands. I really wanted to have lunch on board for free rather than paying for a meal at a restaurant, otherwise we might have boarded later. One plus to boarding early is that you’ll be assured of a good deck chair facing starboard to you can watch the harbor traffic and your departure.
  2. abefroman329

    Bottled water on QM2?

    Yes, I brought 6 1.5-liter bottles on board with me. The other passengers thought I was crazy, but I saved a fortune. If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve brought an extra luggage tag with me, stapled it to the carton of water, and let the baggage handlers bring it to our room. Lugging it all the way to the room was no fun.
  3. abefroman329

    Where does the Queen Mary 2 embark from in NYC?

    Much cheaper and easier to get to the cruise terminal from JFK than Newark. LaGuardia is even better if that’s an option.
  4. abefroman329


    Smoking is not allowed on the deck 7 promenade or on any balconies. Smoking is only allowed in a tiny, open, unsheltered area well aft of any cabins other than the suites. We happened to hang out at one of the tables where they allowed smoking to watch the sun set, and it was so sparsely populated and airy, it was barely noticeable.
  5. abefroman329

    Where do they keep the secret Cookies on QM2?

    If I left food on my plate, it was because I didn't like it. What better opportunity than a cruise to try foods I'd never had before? I'd never had kippers before my TA. Loved them!
  6. abefroman329


    Is there a particular brand and/or product you're hoping to purchase on board?
  7. abefroman329

    Where do they keep the secret Cookies on QM2?

    Cookies that are baked by the heat generated by subway cars. Next time you step onto one, reach underneath and grab one for yourself. Make sure you get to them before the rats do, though.
  8. abefroman329

    Disembarkation Advice please - Intercruise/Cruise Connect

    Yes, you'll never make it off the ship in time if you don't.
  9. abefroman329

    What Do You Do From 6:00 to 8:30?

    On those nights the show wrapped up by 8, that leaves 30 mins for cocktails. More, if you want to be rude and show up late for dinner.
  10. abefroman329

    Problems with Cunard.com website?

    The website just plain sucks year-round.
  11. abefroman329

    What Do You Do From 6:00 to 8:30?

    I found it difficult to kill the time, honestly, and would have much preferred that they did all of the shows for late seating prior to dinner, as they did with the NSO. But I also preferred dinner at 8:30 to dinner at 6, particularly on an eastbound TA where noon magically becomes 1 pm on 5 of the days.
  12. abefroman329

    Freight shipping- luggage

    I suggest using either White Star or FedEx/UPS.
  13. abefroman329

    Just curious

    That is unfortunate. We mailed postcards to the US and the UK from Southampton and they all made it to their destinations. The domestic postcard took a day or two.
  14. abefroman329

    Your Butler packing your luggage.

    Me neither. Especially having to pack dirty clothes. I'd have to supply them with rubber gloves!
  15. abefroman329

    Just curious

    Yes, it is postmarked QM2. Frankly, I have no idea how the postage works. You're charged a flat rate to mail a postcard anywhere in the world from that port and you're charged in USD. The postage isn't applied in front of you. I would think the postage would have to be in the denomination of where it's being mailed from.