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  1. So sad about Notre Dame. Still breaks my heart to see the pictures of it burning. 😞 Glad you were able to get fairly close.
  2. When we were in Italy we wore our backpack purses on the front. We felt silly until we saw everyone doing it. LOL Oh and our guide told us to make sure that it was a hard leather, so it couldn't be "cut" easily. Yikes
  3. Loving it so far! People think I'm crazy for doing the research I do but it helps to have info instead of spending too much time looking "lost". 🙂
  4. Have been waiting for you to start this review! I will be taking notes for when my daughter and I travel there in a couple of years.
  5. Looking forward to reading the rest! Love it so far! 🙂
  6. This really surprises me. We sailed with Cookie in January and my 12 yo daughter loved him and even named her build a bear after him. We would love to sail with him again. I could never remember the name of a CD until we had Cookie. I'm sorry you didn't experience the Cookie we did.
  7. My 12 year old daughter and I were on the Glory in January and we loved it. I haven't been on NCL so I can't comment on that but we would love to sail the Glory again.
  8. My 12 year old and I had a great time on the Glory this year as well! We can't wait to go back on. Thanks for your review and the pics!
  9. My mom just booked with Avalon and they had several rooms that had no single supplement.
  10. Was wondering the same thing. Was feeling left out of this positive post! I always try to point out the positives to supervisors when I'm travelling because I'm sure they hear so much negative!
  11. My daughter loved Terry when we were on the Glory in January
  12. Want to do this exact itinerary in January. I loved sailing on the Glory and look forward to your review. 🙂
  13. She has been talking about it since she was 5 so I'm sure it won't be a relaxing trip. LOL I have already started looking into the stuff I want to do in London, so we will see what is on her "must do" list. Thanks for the tips about the museums.
  14. We sailed on the Glory in January and loved it! My daughter and I will be sailing her again in January 2020 out of NO and we can't wait! The Circle C was great with my daughter.
  15. I would definitely be interested in the Paris and London info as I will be headed there with my daughter for her 16th birthday in a year or so.
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