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  1. [quote name='Love2Cruz2015']I don't agree with what they did...but I also don't know if it would make people uncomfortable. I can certainly afford the upcharge they have for "surf and turf" but I can just wait till they serve it for free on another day. I can get lobster tail, filet of beef, prime rib during normal dining room meals, so why would anyone pay the surcharge? It's anyone's guess. I also have never been to the upcharge restaurants....[/QUOTE] I have been to the steakhouse and can tell you the lobster and steaks are MUCH better than the ones offered in the main dining room. The main dining room food is very good though, and unless there really wasn't anything offered on a particular night that appealed to me, I most likely wouldn't pay the extra, but I like the option. Back to the original subject - I'm disappointing that they are removing the shrimp salad and chicken fajita wrap. Those were my two favorites. BUT, as long as I can order coffee, juice, and rolls for free so I can spend a relaxed morning on my balcony before getting out for a real breakfast, I'm OK. I do use RS for that every single day of a cruise. I would hate to have to venture to the lido deck to get coffee as soon as I wake up.
  2. suzy1212

    How is this itinerary?

    Have been to those ports four times when the Conquest sailed from Galveston. Montego Bay is probably my least favorite of the three, but had a good time in all of them. Things we have done: Montego Bay - Sunset Beach all inclusive. We walked from the ship to the resort. Had a good time. Margaritaville, always fun. Rose Hall tour. Pretty cool. "Coral See" semi-submarine. Only time in my life I ever felt seasick. Water was not clear because there had been a lot of recent rains. Grand Caymen - Stingray City, snorkeling, and Rum Point Beach. All really fun. Cozumel - Tulum. Boat ride to the mainland and a long drive. Was really beautiful and interesting though. Paradise Beach and a snorkel tour. Great day! Glass bottom boat snorkel tour. Had my sister and Mom with us that time and they don't get in the water. LOL Chankanaab Park. Very nice. We took a taxi there and back.
  3. suzy1212

    Blood Power Band~ Awesome!!

    Saw them twice on the Conquest. Probably in 2006 and 2008. They really are the best!
  4. suzy1212

    Who's the best Carnival cruise director?

    [quote name='tarheel04']where can you find a list of who is on what cruise as the cd?[/QUOTE] Look down the column on the left for the schedule. [URL="http://johnhealdsblog.com/"]http://johnhealdsblog.com/[/URL]
  5. suzy1212

    My Review/ Conquest June 27th-July 4th!!!

    [quote name='goofytoo']Nice review. Can't wait until we go back in October. One thing I want to mention is that Julie is right, Grand Cayman is an expensive place to eat especially Margarittavillle. Next time we go, we are just going to order drinks. We have to have our priorities!:D[/QUOTE] There is cheap food to be found in Grand Cayman if you know where to look. The rum cake factory store has these little meat pies for about $1.50 - $2.00. We always grab a couple of those and a few bites of the sample cakes they have out. They have a couple of tables sitting on the front porch where you can sit to eat them.
  6. [quote name='texsailor']Here's a Carnival secret: on Conquest class ships, there is a "secret door" at the front on the port side (go past all the staterooms to the end of the corridor). Through that door, really two doors, you can go out on to the top of the bridge for some really nice views, especially when leaving port or docking.[/QUOTE] The doors are located on decks 6 and 7 and are on both the port and starboard sides.
  7. [quote name='cmlmich']I thought I read on here that they got rid of the topless decks. So now there is one more thing to look forward to! :)[/QUOTE] You quoted a 6 year old post. :eek: They did do away with the topless decks.
  8. suzy1212

    Magic is going to................

    A gotta say, I'm a little disappointed that the Magic's western itinerary is exactly the same as the Conquest's has been for the last 5 years. :(
  9. suzy1212

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    [quote name='Chris&Krystal']Does anyone have a copy of the kids menu? I hear they have different dessert choices like banana splits![/QUOTE] [URL="https://www.bookccl.com/irman/bookccl/sections/shipboard/DinnerDesserts_master.html"]https://www.bookccl.com/irman/bookccl/sections/shipboard/DinnerDesserts_master.html[/URL]
  10. suzy1212

    For ladies only.. . ok maybe some men

    For the last cruise I left my purse at home and just put everything I needed in my laptop backpack. I used a tote bag in ports or to carry my book and other stuff to sit up on deck. On my other cruises I took my purse, but left it in the storage space under the bedside table all week. It cracks me up to see ladies carrying a full size purse all over the ship. I saw a lot of that on the last cruise and I just don't get it.
  11. suzy1212

    Ship Time v. Port Time

    [quote name='allener58']Carnival does not change their clocks when it leaves it's home port. [/QUOTE] I can't answer the OPs specific question, but that statement isn't always true. I have been on cruises that changed the ship time back and forth to match the port time.
  12. suzy1212

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    [quote name='electioncruiser']We sailed Port side (with a balcony) last time, have Starboard this time. I wonder if one side is better than the other. Any comments? Y'all are so helpful! Thanks![/QUOTE] I USUALLY like being on starboard while in Galveston and port while in Jamaica... but sometimes they park backwards anyway. It really doesn't matter!
  13. suzy1212

    Need help.. Early saver question

    I was told the same thing as TigerLady. When I was planning my last cruise I was thinking about doing ES and booking an Oceanview. I asked my PVP if I would be able to upgrade to a balcony later by just paying the difference. She said no, with the ES rate there would be a charge for that.
  14. suzy1212

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    [quote name='divingmedic']Anyone know who the CD will be during last week of July?[/QUOTE] Chris Jefferson. You can find the schedule here: [URL="http://johnheald.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/2010-cd-schedule-may-december.pdf"]http://johnheald.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/2010-cd-schedule-may-december.pdf[/URL]
  15. suzy1212

    Who's the best Carnival cruise director?

    In four cruises we had Todd twice, Butch once, and Chris Jefferson once. By far my favorite was Todd. Chris and Butch were both OK. Malcolm was the assistant on one of the cruises with Todd and I liked him a lot too.