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  1. Definitely check Avalon! I did the Danube in May 2018 on the Illumination as a solo. The supplement was waived and though I booked 2nd floor, room 225 a Panoramic Suite, l was upgraded to 3rd floor 305, also Panoramic. I am 67 and it was my first truly solo trip. The experience was excellent. I met lots of nice people, the tours were great—and not too strenuous— and the food was delicious. Although I don't care for wine It is included with meals (so was my pepsi). I cant wait to go on another!!
  2. I traveled with a large suitcase and a backpack. I was on the Illumination and it was no problem at all!
  3. Hi Bo! I did the Danube on the Avalon Illumination last year. It was wonderful! Here are a few pics of Room 305 on the upper deck. I really loved the Panoramic Suite with the large window. —Jackie
  4. Daisi, That is the same unit I have but just with 3 more international adapters. I never used the other adapters on my trip. I loved the practicality of this device and its small size!
  5. Yes there are. I remember 2 on the right nightstand, and there may have been some on the desk area. I took a converter that had regular plugs and USB ports. It was a Bestek and one of the best travel items I had bought.
  6. I received this email today regarding Emerald: Now available on select 2020 departures, we have reduced the single supplement to $0, which means you’ll enjoy a suite designed for two, all to yourself. This is a great option for both solo travelers, and guests who are traveling with friends, but would prefer their own suite. This offer applies to E, D and C cabin categories. I took a Danube Cruise on Avalon a year ago as a solo. They waived the supplement. It was awesome...I booked a Panoramic Suite. I highly recommend Avalon!
  7. Thought you might like to see a few of the meals from the Illumination last May. I can honestly say that everything I tried was delicious, and I never once ordered off the menu for one of the also avaiables (steak, chicken, salad).
  8. I was really bad in Prague and mainly ate at the Hilton after walking my feet off! I sampled street food and that was fun, too. Although I had booked the pretour with Avalon I really didn’t get to take advantage of their itinary. They were doing their city tour on Wednesday but I could only do my Czech glass tour then. So i went exploring on my own on Thursday. I did the Hop On-Hop Off bus and it took me everywhere I wanted to go and with fun facts being pointed out. I usually did the whole route first to get a sense of the whole area and what I wanted to spend more time seeing later. Worked out great for me and the price was very reasonable. In fact, I enjoyed that approach so much that I booked Hop-On Busses in Budapest, Amsterdam (theirs also include canal boats as well as the busses), and Edinburgh. I saw so much and had a great time. I did all this as asingle traveler so I never really felt uncomfortable anywhere I went.
  9. A quick fix is to bring a shower curtain and magnetic clips. You can create a screen between the beds for a bit of privacy. My only concern would be if your particulate boat doesnt have a metal ceiling or wall. Very useful things to have. I really dont think it will work on Avalon. I dont recall being able to put magnets on the walls. I have heard it works well on ocean voyage ships.
  10. I think you might be able to answer your question by looking at your cruise’s itinary for the day you arrive in Nurnberg. You probably spend the night docked there and disembark the next morning so depending on what time you arrive, you will have tours available. The walking tour we did there was very interesting!
  11. Prague was very special to me. I am an avid beader so I booked a special tour to Jablonec where the bead factories are located. I got to see beads being hand made and those made by press molds. Even got to try my hand at lampwork beads! Toured lots of bead shops and came home with some great Czech glass. Feel free to email me or post here if there are any questions I might answer! —Jackie ncmagnolia@yahoo.com
  12. You’re welcome! Honestly I think the included tours were great! I really enjoyed going on the walking tours and then having time to explore on my own. To me it was the best and was included in the cruise package. After my disembarkment in Budapest I flew to Amsterdam, Paris, and Edinburgh for another two nights each. So, I am now dying to do more!
  13. Avalon worked well for me in Nuremburg. I believe there were 3 choices for the included tours and two of them were not WWII related. Choice A was the Nazi rallies & trials tour; B was the Nurnberg city center visit; and choice C was to Roth Village. It was a short time that day since we would be sailing at lunch and overnight to Regensburg. I chose the option B which was a 30 guided tour by coach and then time to wander in the city. I kept a journal and noted that those who had taken the WWII option were very somber when they returned and I was glad I chose the town.
  14. These are the optional tours for The Legendary Danube, Prague to Budapest last May. They are subject to change of course. You will have access to them on the My.AvalonWaterways.com website as well as in your travel documents you will receive. I only chose to do the optional Vienna Classical Music Concert. The daily included tours were awesome. The only one optional tour I wish I had gone on was the one to Cesky Krumlov. All in all it was A++!
  15. When I went on my cruise, we started in Prague as a pretrip. It was a great city to visit. Then we were bussed to Nuremberg to board the Avalon Illumination. I enjoyed Nuremberg but it had a totally different vibe from Prague. Our trip ended in Budapest, and it felt like a very high note. I can see how ended in Nuremberg might feel a bit of a let down. Can you do the post cruise to Prague? It was on my bucket list.
  16. I did the same cruise and found my Vionic walking shoes were perfect. They are very light weight and much like Sketchers, but with a little thicker sole. But I did also wear my Sketcher sandals for a change and my feet were great!
  17. I was in Room 305 of the Avalon Illumination in May-June, 2018. I did not notice any noises overhead except one day when I stayed aboard and they were fixing something on the upper deck. It did not last long, sounded like a drill, andI never heatd it again. I imagine anything noisy is done while the passengers are off sightseeing. My trip was Prague to Budapest. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Avalon staff, and the great travelers I met onboard. I was doing the trip as a single and wanted the Panoramic Suite. It was so worth it! I cannot wait to do another trip!
  18. I did the Avalon Magnificent Danube (Prague-Budapest) as a solo last May. They were having a deal where the solo fee was waived. I did not want the Lowest deck as I had my heart set on a Panoramic Suite. So, Yes, my price was higher for booking the 2nd floor~But then amazingly I got bumped from room 225 to 305 on the Illumination. Awesome!! I never felt alone as there were so many lovely people on board but I also loved having “me’ time after dinner if I didnt want to participate in the after dinner entertainment. I made many new friends with whom I still correspond, The tours were great and we still had time to see other things and in my case, to do a little shopping. The rooms, the meals, the talks were all excellent. On my own, I added post trip visits to Amsterdam, Paris, and Edinburgh. I want to go see more!!
  19. I did the Avalon Magnificent Danube pre cruise in Prague last May. I loved Prague, and since I am an avid beader my priority was to see Czech beads being made and shopping for some. I contacted Bananas4Beading and took a wonderful tour to Jablonec. Not only did I get to see beads being made but also got to make a flame work bead myself. Brought home some gorgeous beads too! I also took a Hop On Hop Off tour so getting around was great fun!
  20. I did the legendary Danube in May this year on the Avalon Illumination. It was outstanding!
  21. The cruise was awesome! I would have loved to keep going to Bucharest. Maybe one day! As for Scotland, I am thinking an Ireland, Scotland, Wales trip might be fun. I wanted to get up to Inverness and see Dun Robin Castle but it was just too far and not enough time. My heritage is the Sutherland Clan. I do have pictures on my Facebook page should you wish to see them. Jackie Likens Case
  22. I am just back from being on the Illumination from Nuremberg to Budapest. (May 25- June 1) The river level was excellent but the weather was really unexpectedly warm. I packed for cooler weather but not as many lighter layers to fall back on. Other than that, the trip was awesome! I had booked a B (225) category, but got bumped to a P, 305. Both were Panoramic Suites and had the single supplement waived. I traveled solo and met some new friends who I hope to travel with in the future. Best experience ever!
  23. I am sitting in my stateroom on the Illumination right now. We are tied up in Linz, Austria. You are going to love your trip!!
  24. No, this one is not in Old Town, though I wish it had been. The trip to Nuremberg took closer to 4 hours, but it was very pleasant. We were split on 4 coaches and took a break midway. We were on the Autobahn! I am on the Avalon Illumination and so far it has been nothing short of fabulous😍 i am sitting in my cabin docked in Regensburg with a castle next to me!
  25. Avalon has us in the Prague Hilton, the one with the Casino I never saw! It is really nice and fairly close to everything including a grocery store across the street. Avalon has a hospitality desk downstairs for us as well.
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