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  1. Happy to report we finally got through to someone helpful. It wasnt the multiple phonecalls, emails, or tweets. It was Facebook messenger! We're now in 14326A which seems like it'll be alot quieter! Next time definitely using a travel agent! Thanks all for the feedback.
  2. Thank you. We will be out past 11 but still hoping we can be moved if there are cancellations. Just really disappointed with how things have gone with customer service so far!
  3. I think I got mixed up. We are in 8370A which I believe is above the Red Room. And no, this was not a gty booking! We will definitely work with a TA next time. 😖
  4. Hello, This is our second Virgin Voyage (our first was wonderful). We were booked on the Brilliant Lady, however the ship wasn't going to be ready in time so we were changed to the Valiant Lady (disappointing but we accepted it). We were originally able to get a cabin we liked, however after reviewing the app a month later our cabin was marked unassigned (without any notification). We called and the only cabin available was under the red room, and we've heard reports from these forums that these rooms are noisy. We're really unhappy with this disruption, so we called to try and get a better room. When we learned none were available we asked for compensation and were offered a really insulting amount based on the cost of the cruise. We spoke to a manager, and she was not able to help us come to a satisfactory solution either. The manager suggested we reach out to sailor service via email. We did so a month ago, and have still not gotten a reply! We followed up twice since then; also on Twitter three times, but nothing... The only advice we managed to get from the phone call is that we should keep phoning back to see if rooms are available. I feel like this is a lazy response, and that good customer service would involve Virgin monitoring this on our behalf and contacting us (not the other way around). I'm really hoping to get some advice from this community to understand how to get Virgin's attention. Many Thanks, Justin
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