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  1. kayo kruiser

    Ra'iatea - scooter or car rental near port

    Thanks! I will check it out.
  2. Hi We will be in Ra'iatea in January for 2 days. We've booked a water tour for the first day to Taha'a but I would like to do a land tour of Ra'iatea on the second day. We were thinking of renting a car or scooter but I've not been successful in finding a rental company near the cruise port. Does anyone know of a company/website where I could book something in advance? thanks so much.
  3. We have an upcoming 12 night cruise with a couple of long port days at the front end. I was thinking of going without a drink package for those first 4 days, then adding the package for the remainder of the cruise when the port days are shorter. From your post, it sounds like this is possible and I'll only pay the daily charge x the # of days remaining in the cruise. Has anyone tried this?
  4. [quote name='jerseygirl3']Yes you can upgrade.[/quote] If you don't upgrade till part way through the cruise, are you only charged the difference for the remaining days of the cruise? We're on a 12 day cruise so thinking of the classic package for 1/2 it, then the premium to go "all out" for the remaining 1/2. Has anyone successfully tried this?
  5. kayo kruiser

    Amsterdam embarkation - Celebrity allow wine?

    Thank you for the info.
  6. Hi We'll be embarking on a Baltics cruise with Celebrity out of the port of Amsterdam. Does anyone know if they will allow you to carry on wine at this port. If so, is there anywhere close to the port to purchase it? Thanks for the help.
  7. kayo kruiser

    Netherlands - where to stay????

    Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions.
  8. thanks so much for your quick reply!
  9. Hi Anni In late May, there will be 4 of us arriving on a Tuesday in Warnemunde and want to tour Berlin. We've looked at the organized tours and really don't want to use their itinerary, preferring instead to spend more time at fewer locations and do some inside tours. So ... We'd like to rent a vehicle to drive ourselves from Warnemunde to Berlin. Then find a place to park and either do a hop-on hop-off bus or a walking/taxi tour. We're comfortable with driving and navigating (having done this on our own in Italy and Greece) but have never been to Germany. Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks so much
  10. Hi We'll be disembarking in Amsterdam following a cruise this May/June. I'm hopeful someone will have a suggestion as to where to book accommodations in the Netherlands for the following 3 nights. It doesn't need to be in Amsterdam as we will have stayed there for 2 days before the cruise. We're hoping to spend the 4 days post-cruise by travelling around the Netherlands, including 1 day to Antwerp, Belgium to the Canadian War Cemetery. So, ideally, we will stay somewhere fairly central that will have a place to park a rental car, good restaurants, some night life, scenery, etc. Any advice? Thanks so much.
  11. kayo kruiser

    Labadee - gifts for local kids

    Hi I'll be stopping at Labadee while on the Oasis. I'd like to bring a few bags of gifts (pencils, colouring books, small toys, etc.) for the Haiti children. Given that this is a private island owned by RCI, will there be the opportunity to give these things away to the kids really in need or should I save them for another trip to a Caribbean island? Any advice is appreciated.
  12. kayo kruiser

    Spencer Ambrose - Jalousie Beach Break

    Hi I'm looking for anyone wanting to join us on the Jalousie Beach Break tour on March 16th with Spencer. More info posted in the roll call.
  13. Hi everyone We're looking for some people to join us on a tour "Jalousie Beach Break" in St Lucia on March 16th. This tour is run by Spencer Ambrose. He picks up & drops off at the port, transfer by water each way, lunch, snorkelling, beach, Pitons, etc. More info is available on his website: [URL="http://www.spencerambrose.com/index.php/island-tours/jalousie-beach-break/"][COLOR=#de203e]http://www.spencerambrose.com/index....e-beach-break/[/COLOR][/URL] . Price is $70 per person payable at the end. My husband and I are interested but Spencer needs 10 people to make the water transportation viable. Anyone interested?
  14. kayo kruiser

    Anse Chastanet - water taxi??

    Thanks for the feedback. If Anse Chastanet isn't as great for snorkelling (compared to diving), what about Jalousie Beach. Is Anse Cochon just as good? Also, is Anse Cochon within good "photo op" view of the Pitons? thanks again.
  15. kayo kruiser

    Anse Chastanet - water taxi??

    Does anyone know if there is someone who provides transportation from the cruise port to Anse Chastanet via water? I've heard the beach and snorkelling is some of the best in the Caribbean but that getting there by road is long and pretty rough. We would love to spend a 1/2 day there snorkelling if we can find water transportation. Thanks for any help.:)