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  1. I am on the Horizon, 8 day starting on Sep 21, 2019 and requested reservations for our group for Steakhouse back in May and received a response within days. Didn't make reservations yet for the others yet! But need to! Far as FFTF, haven't had that experience yet either.
  2. Will be on Horizon on 21st of September with a group of 8, and already booked for Steakhouse on 2nd night. Just wondering, with all the other choices of restaurants, just how popular are these restaurants and should we make reservations now? Most of the group is really undecided which day to eat in which restaurant!
  3. Leaving on Horizon in September, and wondering if someone can tell me about rear of ship, on Deck 9. Looking at room 9440 and wondering how much noise from Lido Deck. Like early morning or late night noise.
  4. Thanks for the review...…..are you located on the port side (even numbers) or the ocean side (odd numbers)? And does the ship dock on the port side each time you reach a port?
  5. Hi, Thanks for the review......were you on the port side or the ocean side of ship? When the ship departed, were you next to the Miami port or the ocean? What was your room number? Trying to determine if I will be on the port side when we get to each port. I will be in room 7449.
  6. Can you recall which night is Elegant Night? I understand that it's twice.
  7. What two nights was Elegant Night? We will be cruising in Sept and trying to figure out what night to make our reservations for Steakhouse. Thanks for the review!
  8. Hi, were you on an 7 or 8 days cruise on Horizion? I will be cruising in Sept for 8 days and no one at Carnival seem to know what days are Elegant Night. They have the info for 7 days but twice when I called they didn't know for an 8 day cruise.
  9. I was just wondering what days are the Elegant Night on Horizon for an 8 night cruise?
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